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HOW TO: Whipped Carrot & Turmeric Face and Body butter

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In this video, we highlight how to make a whipped butter with specific qualities and benefits. This whipped butter contains butters and oils known to rid the skin of patches and blemishes, revealing smooth and supple skin. The key to making the best skin care products is to select and combine the right ingredients in the right proportions. Based on our research on the oils and butters in this whipped butter, we are confident that they will provide the benefits they are known for which include clearing and brightening the skin.

This video also shows you how to work with different carrier oils to get the color and performance you love. Carrot and turmeric are great oils for brightening the skin. If the Summer left you with dark patches and sun blemishes, simply use this butter to clear out your skin so that a fresh layer will emerge 🙂

Buy this butter here:Carrot and Turmeric Brightening Face and Body Butter-8oz Jar

To make yours, the ingredients and measurements are below:


4 oz Mango butter: Pure and Raw Mango Butter 1lb-55lb

6 oz Tamanu butter

4 oz Murumuru butter: Pure, Natural and Unrefined Murumuru Butter 8oz by Oslove Organics

3 oz Kokum butter: Kokum Butter -Pure and Natural 1lb

Notice how we balance thick and light butters. This ensures your butter is balanced in terms of texture (not too soft and not too hard) You can also use our blend of 12 virgin organic carrier oils in addition to carrot and Turmeric oil. It works great. Get our organic face and body oil: Organic face and body oil


2 oz Turmeric oil 2 oz

Carrot seed oil 1 oz

Evening primrose oil 1 oz

Olive fruit oil 1 oz

Jojoba oil 1 oz

Rosehip oil 1 oz

Hempseed oil 1 oz

Avocado oil

10 drops Vitamin E oil: Pure Vitamin E- 2.0Fl Oz

1 oz Grapeseed oil

15 drops Frankincense essential oil

15 drops Grapefruit essential oil

The oils and butter in this whipped butter are known to improve the texture and appearance of the skin, making it brighter and clearer. Get our Ebook to learn the tips and tricks to make the perfect body butter: Oslove Ebook.

Visit our blog to learn all about DIY skin and hair care: Blog

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