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Pure Tamanu Butter

What Is Tamanu Butter?

Tamanu butter also frequently called Foraha butter is a natural butter obtained from Tamanu oil. It has its origins in Asia and Africa. Tamanu Butter has evolved over the years. Dr Oz of the Dr Oz show played a vital role in bringing this humble skin care wonder to the limelight. Today, researchers now say that asides from being a great product for the skin and hair, it is highly medicinal and could be used to ease a lot of varying pains (Please note that our Tamanu butter should only be used for beauty purposes. We are not making other claims at Oslove Organics Inc.). Tamanu oil is derived from a tree called Calophyllum Inophyllum. To make tamanu butter, many ingredients are involved depending on the brand you purchase. This primarily includes: tamanu oil itself and Shea butter, other possible ingredients may include beeswax, Vanilla essential oil, Rose essential oil and others. It has a naturally whitish to greenish color, which is determined by the constituent ingredients selected to fit the manufacturer or consumers choice.

Oslove Organics Tamanu Butter

As earlier stated, Tamanu butter is made from a varying number of ingredients. However, for the best outcome, it is important to ensure that the ingredients in the Tamanu butter that you are purchasing does not include palm or palm products. Our Tamanu butter is made from only two ingredients: premium unrefined Tamanu oil and shea oil. Both oils are cold pressed to preserve their natural benefits. All Tamanu butter is not the same, with the variations highlighted above, you can see how there might be differences in the effectiveness of the resulting butter.

Unrefined Tamanu butter is a wonder product for skin. Our brand of Tamanu Butter is renowned for its skin conditioning and therapeutic properties. You can simply use it as is for making luxurious body butters that will provide intense moisturization. It is a popular material for cosmetic manufacturers and commonly used in a number of skin creams and lotions. It is believed to promote healthy skin and has antioxidant properties due to the natural presence of Stearic and Oleic Acid.

It is particularly helpful for sensitive and irritated skin. Many of our customers swear by its effectiveness for psoriasis. Although we are not trying to make any claims in this article, we will like to stress the unique benefits of Tamanu butter for both skin and hair.

Benefits of Tamanu Butter to the Skin

Tamanu butter is said to be effective for the treatment of pimples and acne. Because of its many benefits for the skin, it is included in many creams available in store shelves. Also, it contains great beneficial oils and as such is able to provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

When used religiously, Tamanu Butter may erase scars, skin rashes, stretch marks, sun burns and eczema. Amazingly it can also be used as an anti-aging cream, which is some really good news. You can simply incorporate this amazing butter in its whole and natural state instead of purchasing products with trace amounts of it.

Benefits of Tamanu Butter to our Hair

If you know that you have tried all other “products” to help cub your hair loss but none seems to be working, I will like to recommend pure tamanu butter. It rejuvenates the hair, heals scar tissue and protects your scalp from common conditions that cause hair loss and prevent hair growth. It can also be used in treating ingrown hairs and stopping hair breakage.

The best way to get the unique benefits of this butter for your hair is to use it as a hot oil treatment, deep conditioning hair treatment or hair mask. Melt the butter over low heat and coat your hair strands with it. Cover your hair with a heat cap and let it sit for a while. You will be amazed at how luxurious your hair will feel afterwards. After these treatments, you will see the true texture of your hair because your strands will bounce right back to its original nature.

Our tamanu butter is always in stock and can be ordered here. We also sell several handmade products that are created with tamanu butter as one of the key ingredients. You will find them here.

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