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COVID-19: How to preserve your hands

Hand washing

COVID-19 will come and go but your hands will remain. The CDC (Center for disease control) has recommended washing your hands thoroughly and countlessly to keep from getting infected. In cases where water and soap is not available, the use of alcohol hand sanitizers has been highly encouraged. While washing your hands is nothing new or uncommon for hygiene, most people do not use hand sanitizers as much as they are doing at the present moment. This is evident by the scarcity of hand sanitizers in retail and online stores. In the cold and flu season, there is generally increased hand washing going on but with the severity of the pandemic we are all facing, “hands” all over the world are going through a lot.

While I am not trying to make light of the situation in any way, for my sanity, I will like to believe that this period will pass. Asia is already experiencing a bit of relief since the outbreak but the US is taking measures to ensure that things don’t get significantly worse and that makes me hopeful. So with that being noted, “the pandemic will pass but your hands will remain” means that we need to take care of our hands, specifically the skin. Soap and alcohol especially when used on the skin very frequently have the effect of severely drying it out. Now, health and life are more important than dry skin but sometimes, severe drying could lead to cracking and bleeding of the skin. This is a common condition with people that work in certain industries where they need to wash their hands continuously but with the present situation, this affects everyone.

How to preserve your hands

The skin on the hands is relatively fragile. With the cold weather and warm water washing with soap, it is easy to see how the skin dries out very quickly. Due to extensive use of soap and alcohol on the hands in the pandemic, the use of lotions and watery body cremes will not be sufficient to thoroughly condition and moisturize your hands during this period. Your best bet is natural butters and oils to help pamper those hands during a time like this. When all this is over, you would not want your hands to look 10 years older than it actually is. This is why we are recommending the following butters for moisturizing your hands after washing. These butters are highly affordable so they can be used as frequently as possible.

Best butters for moisturizing, softening and conditioning hands

Hand moisturizers are very important for keeping the hands supple and moisturized. However, they don’t need to be greasy or too oily. They just need to have the right balance of oils that can be easily absorbed into the skin. Greasy butters will give you that uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to wash your hands but with the right butter, sufficient amount of moisture will be locked into the skin after it is washed and cleansed. You can simply make your own hand butters at home with a few simple and pure ingredients. They are listed below:

Murumuru Butter:

Murumuru butter is a naturally silky and flawless butter which is able to retain moisture in the skin. Retaining moisture is essential for the health of skin as hydration helps nourish the skin throughout the day. Murumuru butter is easily absorbed into the skin and permeates through the skin faster than most products. It is therefore recommended as a moisture sealant both for skin and hair especially after shampoo.

Excessively washing your hands is good for disease prevention but it results in sensitive and easily irritated skin. Murumuru butter is known to cater for a wide variety of skin types. It is particularly great for sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties make it the best fit for individuals with sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe burning and sensitive skin, its antibacterial properties protect the skin from harsh elements and the anti-allergenic properties make it a safe and consistent product for individuals with such skin sensitivity.

Tucuma Butter:

Tucuma butter is a native of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, It is obtained from the seeds of the Tucuma palm through a cold press technique.

Tucuma butter is noted for its rich Oleic acid content, it is also rich in Myristic and Lauric acids, a combination that gives it its amazing cell rebuilding/repair qualities. Tucuma butter is rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids and has tremendous antioxidant polyphenols properties.

Tucuma butter contains saturated fatty acids such as Oleic and palmitic as well as unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic. These fatty acids make it a great ingredient in skin care.
Good for dry skin: The presence of vegetable silicone in this oil aids in easy absorption while acting as an excellent skin moisturizer for people with dry skin, Tucuma butter alleviates the dry skin problem and with regular use reduces the effects of harsh weather on the skin.

Shea Butter:

Unrefined Shea butter is particularly perfect for deep moisturizing. It adds a protective layer to the skin which prevents inflammation. This is particularly a good option when there is frequent hand washing or when the weather is cold and dry. It keeps the skin soft, hydrated and smooth all year round. It can even be added to bath water as the butter will melt and cover the skin with a protective layer.

The presence of the fatty acids in Shea butter is effective not only for fighting acne and blemishes, but also skin dryness, rashes, scars, skin peeling, frost bites, stings, insect bites and lots more. The best part of using this wonder butter for your skin is that the oil leaves absolutely nothing in your pores (non-comeodogenic), so it’s the best possible option in the market.

Unrefined Shea butter is the best possible option for those seeking for natural remedies for their skin. Chances are the more unrefined the Shea butter is, the more healing benefits it will provide. Our unrefined organic Shea butter is pure and natural. When purchased, it should be stored in an airtight container in a cool environment. It should be kept far away from direct sunlight or intense heat. If stored properly, unrefined Shea butter has a shelf life of two to three years.

Most of our hand made butters are highly suitable for keeping your hands soft and moisturized but the following are exceptionally good.

1. Whipped Tucuma, Murumuru and Cupuacu Body Butter
2. Whipped Kokum, Tamanu, Cupuacu & Shea with Jojoba oil- Silky smooth and Luxurious feel
3. Whipped unrefined Cupuacu butter
4. Oslove home-made body butter
5. Whipped Organic Shea Butter

You can make your own hand moisturizing butters in the safe comfort of your own home. A simple recipe for a home made hand butter includes the following ingredients:

6 oz Pure murumuru butter
4 oz Pure mango butter
3 oz Organic face and body oil


Simply melt the butters down, add in the oil and let it sit for a while in the refrigerator to solidify. Afterwards, simply add any essential oils of choice and whip it up to get if soft and fluffy.

That is all you need for the whole family to maintain soft and moisturized hands. If you have to get just one ingredient for your home made hand butter, make it Murumuru butter. It works great and won’t leave your hands greasy. The silky feel gives a comfortable and pampered feel to the hands and make them look amazing.

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