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This Ebook is a simple 42 page collection of tips and recipes that can be beneficial to beginners as well as intermediate professionals in the DIY beauty community. It features tips, recipes and steps needed to make skin and hair care products in the comfort of your own home. It is put together by our founder Pamela Jacobs, PhD. When your order is placed, we will send the Ebook to the email address on your order. For questions and clarifications, please contact us at **Copyright: No part of this Ebook may be reproduced and distributed to avoid plagiarism**

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Amazon Forest Butter Pack: Cupuacu, Tucuma, Murumuru

Give your homemade butters a lift with these exotic Amazon rainforest butters: Cupuacu, Tucuma and Murumuru. See their individual listings for detailed information on the butters. Order this combination in whipped and ready to use form here **Please note that these butters have a high chance of melting and leaking out of packaging in Summer months. Wait to purchase in the Fall if you cannot take that risk. We will not refund melted butters***

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January 2019

Organic hair growth oil
Whipped organic Shea butter
Banana leave in conditioner

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed our holiday series. We know many of you got great tips on holiday gifts for family and friends. Enjoy the product pack ideas presented here.

December 2018

Organic Neem scrub
Organic face and body oil

So we know you are all super excited about the upcoming holidays and are ready to start making gifts. We always get requests about recipes and how to get the right product texture for DIY products..