Returns and exchanges

All products sold by Oslove Organics Inc are of the finest quality.

Cancellation of orders

You may withdraw your order for goods before your item is shipped. You do not need to give Oslove Organics Inc. any reason for withdrawing your order nor will you have to pay any penalty. However, when your item has been shipped and dispatched, you will only be required to pay shipping costs.


We do not accept returns over 30 days. With the current pandemic, we will not be able to accept returns on opened products even when it is less than the 30 day period. It is important to mention that temperatures can sometimes change the smell, texture and color of natural organic products.

We humbly apologize for any product that arrives damaged. Please kindly accept your delivery, if you receive the item in person, notify the carrier of any damages and send us a message immediately so we can send a return label for the item to be returned. Once your item is on its way to us, we will issue you a refund or replacement. We can only refund you for returned items so make sure you have approval from us to return any purchased products so you can receive your refund promptly. Bulk/custom orders can be returned within 15 days only if they are unopened. We do not accept bulk order returns over 15 days even if they are unopened.

Please note that we do not approve returns that are based on the smell of an unrefined product. It is important to note that unrefined oils and butters come with a characteristic smell. Smell and texture can also vary based on harvest. Please kindly ensure you understand this important policy before placing your order.

We advice you to order refined versions if we carry the item you are interested in. A key example is unrefined Shea butter which has a unique odor. Luckily, we carry the refined version which is odorless.

To return your order, please follow these steps:

  • Place the original invoice (or a copy) and a note with the reason of the return inside the shipping box.

Return Address:
Oslove Organics Inc.
P. O Box 1533
Attleboro, MA 02703