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Premium Bulk Essential Oils-100ml

DIY skin and hair care is not complete without the right scent or combination of scents. Most of us DIYers decide to do it ourselves in order to keep it clean and healthy. We have a selection of bulk sizes to effectively cater to your crafting needs. Our essential oils are pure and of the highest quality you will ever find. We stand by our brand of essential oils and guarantee that you will love each of them the same way we do. Add the right amount of pure natural scents to your DIY mixes and wow your customers who will keep coming back for more. Lavender essential oil (Organic) Pine essential oil Peppermint essential oil (Organic) Red Grapefruit essential oil Tea tree essential oil Eucalyptus essential oil (Organic) Lemongrass essential oil (Organic) Frankincense essential oil (Serrata) Rosemary essential oil (Organic) Wintergreen Essential oil Cedarwood essential oil Thyme essential oil **Please note that we have decided to opt for minimalist packaging in order to keep the prices reasonably low affordable for your DIY project needs.

Bulk Pure Unrefined Organic Cocoa Butter 40 lbs

Original price was: $900.00.Current price is: $850.00.
After being extracted from the cacao bean, Natural Cocoa butter has a rich pleasant chocolate aroma. The appearance is a characteristic pale yellow to light brownish color. Our Natural Organic Cocoa Butter is known for its high oxidative stability as a result of it being naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. With a typical melting point ranging from 88˚F-95˚F, it is a stiff solid at room temperature. The cosmetic and food industries utilize Natural Cocoa Butter as an important ingredient. You can use our cocoa butter in your skin and hair care products. It is known for its natural emollient properties and to bring stiffness to the end product. This product is free of the 8 major allergens: Milk, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Wheat, Fish, Peanuts, Shellfish and Soybeans. Allergen statements are provided upon request.

Essential oil blending kit-10 (100ml) essential oils plus 10 (0.5) dropper bottles

Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $199.00.
We are excited to launch this holiday package which includes 10 premium steam distilled essential oils plus 10 (0.5) dropper bottles for you to try out blending essential oils for making your skin and hair care products, cleaning and aromatherapy. You can also give the blended oils as gifts to family and friends. Be sure to seal the bottles properly so the oils don't evaporate. This exclusive deal is our way of saying thank you for your business for all these years. We have a limited number available so be sure to grab yours quickly.

Soy Wax Flakes- Golden Wax (444)- 8LB

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Make lovely candles with our premium Soy Wax Flakes. This bulk size is sure to make many candles. Our Soy wax flakes are excellent for candle making. These soy wax flakes are specially formulated with partially hydrogenated soybean oil and soy based emulsifier (monoglycerides) for container candle use. The emulsifiers allow the soy to be poured at hotter temperatures, while reducing frosting and increasing fragrance oil load. Golden Brands (444) has a higher melting point (119-125 degrees Fahrenheit) which enables the soy to retain a higher fragrance oil load to give a stronger scent throw. Additives such as coloring, fragrance oils or essential oils can be added to this material to create a unique finished product.

Bulk Sal Butter-44lbs

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100% Pure and natural Sal Butter, chemically similar to Kokum butter. When melted, can be compared to Argan oil because

Bulk Illipe Nut Butter- 44lbs

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Illipe nut butter is obtained from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera, a tropical tree. Illipe Butter is very similar

Bulk Tamanu Butter-55lbs

Tamanu Butter is commonly referred to as Foraha Butter. It’s pressed from the fruits of the Calophyllum inophyllum trees native

Bulk Mango butter-44lbs

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Mango butter is extracted from the kernel of the Mango fruit. It is an off yellow color with a very

Bulk Murumuru Butter-55lbs

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Murumuru butter is an outstanding emollient renowned for its superior moisturizing properties. It is naturally glossy and easily forms films.

Bulk organic Carnauba Wax-55lbs

Use our organic carnauba wax for your various cosmetic uses. It can be used in food and industrial applications. In

Bulk Kokum Butter-44lbs

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100% Pure and Natural Kokum butter free from any form of chemicals and artificial ingredients White to off-white color with

Bulk Pure Unrefined Cupuacu butter 40lbs

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PURE CUPUACU BUTTER Cupuacu Butter comes from the cupuacu fruit tree which belongs to the cocoa butter family and originates from Brazil in the northern Amazon. Cupuacu butter is said to significantly improve the appearance of prematurely aging and thinning skin while being a superior moisturizer with great water absorption characteristics. The butter possesses high levels of essential fatty acids, which with its rich phytosterols, help the appearance of your skin's elasticity and overall appearance of your skin. This butter is very rich and creamy and as such provides the skin with a unique softness that helps improve natural elasticity. Cupuacu is widely used in Brazil for many purposes. In the cosmetic industry, it is known to be highly beneficial for making creams, lotions, lip balms, soaps, hair products, and a variety of other personal care products. Cupuacu has a unique earthy aroma. Benefits for the hair Cupuacu butter is fantastic for the hair, especially coarse hair because it promotes softness and manageability. It is a great addition to home made hair butters because it eliminates dryness and breakage of the hair. It does this because it possesses long lasting hydration properties (high capacity to retain water and prevent water loss) to replenish moisture while promoting a healthy shine.