How do I make my own home made body butter?

We are so happy that you are interested in taking control of your own skin and hair care regimen. We have several recipes and featured videos on our blog page where you can find innovative ideas on how to make your own butters. You can also purchase our Ebook where you will find incredible tips and recipes. You are definitely welcome to tweak things using your own preferred method and ingredients.

Are all your products vegan friendly and organic

We try to cater for everyone’s needs and as such we carry both organic and conventional products. Please be sure to read product titles carefully. We carry mostly vegan products with the exception of our premium quality organic beeswax.

Are your products cruelty free and fair trade?

Our products are never tested on animals. We ensure that we source products from renowned suppliers. This means that everyone involved in the harvesting and procuring process is fairly compensated. Browse our premium selection.

Do you have other outlets for your products?

You will find our products on Amazon and Walmart online marketplaces. We also have several drop shippers that sell our products on various online platforms. However, you will find the most variety of products at the best possible price on our website right here.

Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?

Yes we do. You will find that we already offer tiered pricing discounts on order quantities between one and 20 pounds for many of our products. If you will like to purchase bigger product quantities to make your own brand of products. You will find the prices of bulk sizes by clicking here Bulk sizes.

If you can’t find the quantity you are looking for, please contact us with details of the items you are interested in and the required quantity and we will respond with a custom invoice. Send your email to Include your business name, address, phone number and email.

Do you sell your products wholesale?

Yes we do. If you are looking to resell our products, you can let us know the specific products you are interested in by sending an email to Minimum order quantity for each unit of product is 50pcs. Please note that we do not allow resale of our products on, Etsy and Ebay.

Please be sure to include your business name, address and phone number in your email. Contact us if you have more questions.

Do you offers free samples of your products?

Not at the moment, we do not offer free samples of our products. We are confident in the quality of items we sell, our products are of top quality. However, you are advised to purchase small quantities in order to be absolutely sure that you are satisfied with our products before you order huge quantities. Read more about our company and how we source our quality products here.

My butter arrived melted, what does this mean? Will it still work as required?

Natural butters do not have any chemical stabilizers and as such, they are subject to temperature changes caused by weather conditions.

In the winter, butters may arrive frozen and in the summer, some of our softer butters may arrive melted. It is important to note that this is an expected occurrence. If it arrives melted, simply pop it into the refrigerator so you can easily access the butter. If it arrives too stiff, simply leave it out in room temperature for a while.

However, it does not alter the composition of the product in any way so you can be rest assured that you still have the same extraordinary quality you expect from us.