Our Founder

“My absolute mission is to provide you with pure and natural products you can trust for yourself and your entire family.
I want you to purchase our products with great confidence knowing that I work extremely hard on this mission”

Our Founder

Pamela Jacobs, PhD founded Oslove Organics Inc. to reach out to individuals seeking access to pure and natural personal care products. Driven by the desire to help improve lives, Pamela delved deeper into the benefits of using organic products. Having spent a significant part of her adult life in Norway and many other parts of Europe, she further observed the important benefits of organic products. She then applied her learning by carefully selecting each item included in our lineup.

Naturally Beautiful Beginnings

Pamela was exposed early on to the many advantages of using organic products. She grew up in the company of her grandmother, who used only natural, organic ingredients in her skin, hair and food. Inspired by her grandmother’s healthy, natural-product-based practices, Pamela established Oslove Organics Inc. Today, aside from being an entrepreneur, Pamela is a devoted wife and mother of two. she currently lives in Massachusetts, USA.

Partner with Pamela Jacobs

Apart from spiritual fulfillment, the ultimate goal of many individuals today is financial freedom. In today’s changing world, there is a need to be in control of your financial situation so that you will secure your future and avoid being a burden to others. If you are interested in starting your own skin or hair care line or both, Pamela has a consulting package you can purchase. This is very affordable and specifically customized to suit your business goal.

With 10 years of Research and Project Management experience, Pamela is well equipped with the knowledge necessary to enable you succeed in your business mission. With a doctorate in Business Management specializing in Innovation and Social Networks. Pamela brings a unique perspective that has been proven to be highly effective in enabling you build a customer base very quickly.

Your social network patterns will be professionally analyzed and you will be given detailed effective business strategies and steps to take for growth and success. Existing business owners are also invited to order this package as it will enable you grow your business to greater heights.

Pamela Jacobs, PhD (Founder)

Highlights of Pamela’s Consulting Package

  • Step by step guide on how to to start your skin and hair care line

  • Detailed business strategies that work

  • Professional analysis of your social networks to give specific recommendations on how you can build a customer base quickly (UCINET software).

  • Strategies for product sourcing.

  • Recommendations on how to sell on online platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay and more

  • Huge discounts on raw materials for an all natural body and hair product line.

  • Interested? Visit Pamela’s consulting website www.osloveconsulting.com to learn more