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Happy Thanksgiving: DIY Hair Butter made with Cloves

Cloves for hair growth

We are all super excited and grateful to God for his mercies and for you our wonderful customers. You have been there all through the year and we appreciate your business very highly. Thanksgiving 2022 is around the corner and you are probably stocked up with groceries and all the goodies that thanksgiving is all about. Your thanksgiving meal is not complete without dessert. For me, Thanksgiving is one of the times in the year when I enjoy desserts freely without any sugar guilt. Cloves is a staple in my homemade pumpkin cake. The aroma of organic cloves is incredible. Nothing comes close to the feeling of warmth and coziness that fills the air when I’m doing my holiday baking. Cloves is renowned for many uses but did you know that it is also rated a highly potent remedy for hair loss and scalp problems? Yes, many people only use cloves in food but it is one of those herbs which like rosemary, has a lot of skin and hair care benefits.

Cloves is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb which is said to promote hair growth by halting scalp irritation and eliminating dandruff and other fungal infections. There are several ways to use it for promoting hair growth. You can use it as a hair rinse, hair spritz and in your hair oil. You can simply make a clove tea and make sure to massage your scalp with it regularly. However, using it this way has the potential to dry out your hair especially naturally curly or coarse hair. In the video below, we will show you how to safely incorporate cloves into your hair care regimen by mixing it with our pure and natural emollients. To alleviate the drying effects of cloves, you can simply make a moisturizing hair and scalp butter using clove tea. Find the detailed recipe and instructions below.


Water phase

  • 8 oz clove tea

Oil Phase

Cool down phase

  • 3g fragrance of choice
  • 3g preservative
  • 3g Vitamin E


First make the clove tea by steeping dried whole cloves into hot water. Take it out after the color becomes red. The darker the color, the more potent the clove tea so try and leave it in for as long as you can. Set it aside and proceed to the oil phase. Combine the oil phase ingredients. Melt all the items down and combine with the clove tea using an immersion blender. Allow the butter cream to cool down and then proceed to add the ingredients in the cool down phase. You should make sure to separate the stages for the best possible outcome.

For more advanced DIYers, you can use extra ingredients like xanthan gum, panthenol to achieve different textures of the cream but they will all work well in promoting hair growth. See the video below for ideas on how to make this amazing product at home.


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