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DIY baby products: How to make baby products at home.

Skin care for babies

So you already make your own skin and hair care products yourself but did you know that we have DIY products that are well suited for babies as well? Many baby products claim to not include several questionable and unnecessary ingredients but that is still far from the truth. Some of the artificial fragrances contained in these products are still laden with chemicals and unfortunately, babies become exposed to them even from an early age. When it comes to baby products, think moisturizers for their tender skin and think about products that can be classified safely as food grade products. I have always made my own baby products for my kids because I don’t trust some of the so called natural products out there. I like to know what I am applying to my kids’ delicate skin because I know it will ultimately be absorbed into their bloodstream.

In this post, I will suggest ingredients that you can safely use to make essential skin care products that your baby will need in his or her early months of life. Thankfully, you do not need to purchase drug store products that may not work well for your baby. There are many natural plant based ingredients that you can safely use to make the products I have listed below. You can make the products safely and easily for your baby at home. The essential products that your baby will need in the early months include:

  • Baby oil
  • Baby lip and body balm
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Eczema cream for babies

Baby oil: This is very important and has multiple uses for hair and all over the body. We all love a nice massage and so do babies. Also, to avoid cradle cap, it is important to apply hair oil to your baby’s delicate scalp to keep it moisturized and conditioned. You don’t want scaly scalp for your sweet baby. There are simple unrefined organic carrier and essential oils that can be combined safely to create a delicate baby oil that your baby will love. I prefer to use seed oils for my baby because they are milder and have a lower chance of causing skin irritation. I use our unrefined strawberry oil, unrefined pomegranate seed oil mixed with some vitamin E and grapefruit essential oil. If you are going to try my combination, be sure to use very few drops of essential oil since you are applying this to your baby’s delicate skin. However, it is important to mention that essential oils are most definitely safer than the fragrance oils used in many commercial baby products out there.

Baby lip and body balm: To maintain that soft and smooth blemish free baby skin, a balm will come in handy. A key ingredient for baby balms is beeswax. Our organic beeswax contains absolutely no impurities and is a safe and excellent addition to your baby’s skincare regimen. If you are vegan, you can certainly substitute candelilla or emulsifying wax in a simple recipe. All you need is to combine

Diaper rash cream: This is a vital product to have on hand especially when your baby is very young. A good diaper rash cream not only heals irritated skin but also protects the skin from the side effects of too much moisture. Some people swear by vaseline but not everyone likes the presence of mineral oils in petroleum jelly. A key component of diaper rash creams is zinc oxide. We carry a non-nano and uncoated version of pure zinc oxide and it works great for making your own sunscreen and other skin protecting products for babies and adults.

Eczema cream for babies: Shea butter is known for its healing properties especially when it comes to eczema and skin prone to the condition. While you must seek your pediatrician’s advice if your child has severe eczema, it doesn’t hurt to try a simple Shea butter recipe to see if your child’s condition improves.

In the next blog, I will go into specifics and video illustrations of how to make these products at home. Stay tuned!

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