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Recipe for infusing oils with herbs plus Spring Giveaway!

Spring is finally here and we are super excited. There is beauty everywhere and other creatures are coming out of hibernation, thanks to warmer weather. However, its still Winter at night and seems like Summer in the afternoons. Your skin is getting impacted by the constant changes. This is definitely not time to stop moisturizing. I’d argue there is a greater need to moisturize and condition the skin so that it is ready for the weather changes. Infusing your body butter with herbs is an amazingly beneficial practice that has become more popular with DIY skin and hair care enthusiasts. Experimenting with different herbs is fun while experiencing the benefits first hand is extremely rewarding. You can substitute other herbs you may like better in this recipe.

In this video, the amazing Yaya, shows you how to incorporate Moringa powder and its unique benefits into your skin and hair care regimen. Enjoy the video and let us know if you try the recipe and how you like the results. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms and ask us any questions you may have.



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