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Butter Love part 1: Cocoa Butter for skin and hair.

Natural unrefined cocoa butter embodies the smell of cocoa. An aroma that is very easily recognizable, you cannot miss it. The characteristic aroma differentiates it from other plant based butters. It has a richer and creamier texture than Shea butter and Mango butter and this makes it a great choice for very dry and mature skin. Because of its highly emollient nature, it has the ability to adequately lock in moisture and prevent moisture loss by forming a barrier with its dense texture. Apart from a great chocolatey aroma, Unrefined Cocoa Butter has several other unique and special qualities. The butter is solid at room temperature. Our unrefined cocoa butter has the following characteristics which makes it a great addition to your DIY skin and hair care projects.

Organic, Pure & Natural

After being extracted from the cacao bean, Natural Cocoa butter has a rich pleasant chocolate aroma. The appearance is a characteristic pale yellow to light brownish color. Our Natural Organic Cocoa Butter is known for its high oxidative stability as a result of it being naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. With a typical melting point ranging from 88˚F-95˚F, it is a stiff solid at room temperature. The cosmetic and food industries utilize Natural Cocoa Butter as an important ingredient. The method of processing our unrefined Cocoa butter ensures that the most valuable and beneficial natural components of the butter are uncompromised. The result is a completely pure and natural butter with a very high quality and highly potent attributes.

Protective and Intense Moisture

Unrefined Cocoa Butter is arguably a richer and more intense moisturizer than Shea Butter or Mango Butter. Unlike Shea or Mango, which are both non-comedogenic, Unrefined Cocoa Butter absorbs into the skin more slowly–helping to form a barrier over the skin and pores. This makes it a great choice for moisturizing the extra-thirsty parts of your skin such as your hands and feet. Rich, moisturizing Unrefined Cocoa Butter is one of the best ingredients around for making lip balms, lipsticks, and other lip products. Its dense texture forms a barrier over the lips, helping to keep moisture in and dryness out. Plus, using Unrefined Cocoa Butter on the lips is a great way to enjoy its incredible aroma. Furthermore, the dense texture of Unrefined Cocoa Butter coats the skin, which makes it ideal for baby care. Unrefined Cocoa Butter can be used in diapering ointments to help protect baby’s delicate skin from rashes and irritation. The same properties that make this fabulous butter a great choice for baby care can help adults protect their skin from chafing, heat rash, or razor burn.

Excellent for skin

Similar to our Unrefined Shea Butter, our Unrefined Cocoa Butter has the remarkable ability to soothe and calm itchy, irritated, and sensitive skin. It is commonly used to treat rashes and common skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The emollient and anti-inflammatory properties of Unrefined Cocoa Butter make it a prized ingredient for troubled skin. The intense conditioning attributes of Unrefined Cocoa Butter helps increase elasticity of the skin. This is why it is extensively used to treat and prevent stretch marks especially in pregnant women. It is also effective in helping to diminish the appearance of scars. Unrefined Cocoa Butter is loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids that help the skin maintain a smooth and supple appearance.

Excellent for hair

Cocoa butter has the ability to condition and moisturize very dry and brittle hair. People with kinky and tight curls can rely on this butter to soften and make their hair more manageable. It is however important to use it in the right way to obtain desirable benefits. While it can be used as it is, it can also be added to a mixture of hair softening oils, conditioning creams or hair pomades for more optimum performance.

Cocoa butter needs to be melted in order to be successfully incorporated into skin and hair care products because it is solid at room temperature. Once melted, it blends thoroughly in any skin or hair care mixture and ensures a highly moisturizing end product.

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