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The Deal about going natural

OK so ‘going natural’ has become a widely recognized terminology in the United States and many other parts of the world like the United Kingdom where people with Afro textured hair can be found. Although it literarily means going the natural route and using only natural products on the hair, this term mostly means deciding to stop using relaxers and start growing out ones natural afro hair just because a lot of so called ‘natural folks still do a form of chemical processing on their hair in form of color treatments and temporary straightening treatments’.

Natural hair has gained a lot of popularity as people are beginning to embrace their natural hair and appreciate its uniqueness and beauty. A few people though after going natural decide that it is not for them and they go back to using relaxers. Jumping on the bandwagon without doing thorough research can do this to a person. Some people consider natural hair as high maintenance and rightly so if you do not take some time to study and understand your unique texture. The truth is that what might work for someone even with similar texture might not work for you.

The reason for this is simple but complex for some people to understand. The way your hair responds to products and hair treatments has a lot to do with the state of your health so while the person by your side responded well to hair color, you might not do too well due to the state of your health. You might do much better though, especially if your body is operating at optimum levels.

A lot of natural folks that do not understand how to deal with their new head of hair, find themselves trying everything that exists in the form of products out there. You can be forgiven for thinking that you were in the hair product aisle of a grocery shop when you walk into the closet of some natural hair ladies. The product junkie status is not too bad though as some people get a thrill out of trying new things until they fall in love with what absolutely works. However, because the body changes sometimes due to health and other circumstances like pregnancy and childbirth, it may become necessary to change products because what worked yesterday might not work today anymore. When you find the one folks, please stick to it. If it isn’t broke trying to fix it might result in unprecedented problems.

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