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Three Simple Ways to Revamp your Hair

We have all been there at some point in our lives. I mean the point at which you just do not have time to devote to caring for your hair, whether it is in its natural state or not. Perhaps you have not had time to retouch your relaxed hair or keep your natural hair moisturized and nurtured. Well I have been there and I did not really care much. It is just hair and it will grow back. But then when you are not so tied up with other things, you may realize that your hair is no longer where it used to be, with constant shedding, breaking and dryness. At this point, you may then start wondering about how to get back the hair you once had.

I have been there. When I first went natural (cut off relaxed ends), I had so much time for my hair and I really paid close attention to my hair, devoting time and money. Frequent deep conditioning, several great products and more tender loving care. However, life happened and two kids and a husband later, time had taken its toll on my hair. I have two active boys and a husband that loves the outdoors. When we are not working, there is no time to be indoors paying attention to my hair, absolutely no time especially in the summer when I feel a constant pull to be outside enjoying the weather and trying out.

Over time, postpartum shedding, protective styling and lack of moisture took its toll on my hair, leaving me with lots of split ends and frequently breaking hair. Eventually, I got tired of it and I decided to take steps to restore my hair to health. I have also come to realize that I can eat my cake and have it where my hair is concerned. For example, I don’t have to sacrifice my love for the outdoors in order to have great hair. I have developed a minimalist hair routine that works reasonably well. I took the following three steps to restore my hair to the thick beautiful tresses I have always known.

The first step I took was to cut my hair. For many people, this may not be an option but I can assure you that you are not doing yourself any good by holding on to weak, split ends. These old ends pull on the newer strong strands and lead to excessive breakage thereby resulting in less thickness of the hair. If you notice that your hair is not the way it has always been, the first step you need to take is to get rid of the old hair which is found on the tips. You really need to get a hair cut taking off some significant inches not just a simple trim if you want to see great results. This is even more important especially if you have gone a long time without a trim or if you trim your hair yourself. I have also realized that it is better to go to a licensed hair dresser for a trim because getting it done yourself may lead to more split ends. Stay tuned for the other two ways to revamp your hair in an upcoming blog.

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