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How to protect your skin during Summer

Summer is a beautiful period of the year, there are lots of things to do outside. As a matter of fact, I find it very difficult to stay indoors during the Summer. I get a constant pull to go outside so as not to waste the great weather. I think most people feel this way as well. For people who work from home, working in the park is also more preferable to working at home.

Summer is different from winter mostly due to the temperature but it is almost the same when it comes to dryness of the air. So while you are out on the beach, at the park and sun bathing on the terrace, your skin can be drying out. It is therefore important to take extra care of your skin during this period. Because of the heat, it may seem counter-intuitive to apply butters on the skin but the butters play a huge role in protecting your skin not only from dryness and moisture loss but also from the sun.

The human body needs some level of sun exposure in order to produce melatonin and vitamin D. These are vital for sleep and normal daily functioning of the body. The use of sunscreens with very high sun block factor is not really necessary. Most of these sunscreens come with a lot of harmful chemical ingredients anyway, making them no too great for the body. Most people are turning to more natural sources of sun protection in the form of natural butters, oils, zinc powder and so many others.

The following natural butters and oils have a reasonable amount of SPF. We suggest incorporating them into your body butters in order to protect your skin not only from dryness this summer but also from the sun. Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide powder are well known to reflect the sun’s harsh rays. They can help fortify the sun blocking properties of the natural butters and provide a long lasting sunscreen.

Shea butter: SPF 6-10
Coconut oil: SPF 10
Macadamia oil: SPF 6
Jojoba oil: SPF 4
Avocado oil: SPF 4-10
Vitamin E: Protects the skin from UV damage
Hemp seed oil: SPF 4-10
Zinc oxide (Non-Nano, a powdered natural mineral) – reflects sun (add for a long lasting sunscreen)
Titanium dioxide (powder) – reflects the sun’s rays

It is important to educate yourself properly before using natural butters and oils as sunscreens. This is because some of the oils and butters only protect against UVA rays and not UVB, with the exception of red raspberry seed oil. Non-Nano Zinc oxide should be used as it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. Please let us know your opinions about natural sunscreens. Also Stay tuned for our 6 butter sun and moisture cream recipe.

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