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Rejuvenate and refresh your hair with our Banana Juice leave in conditioner

We are thrilled to launch our amazing rejuvenating hair juice. Our Banana juice leave in conditioner is an amazing natural hair juice great for detangling and refreshing the hair. This product is a sweet smelling conditioning hair juice that gives your natural hair that extra softness, hydration and nourishment that it needs. This natural leave in formula is great for all hair types. It softens, detangles and conditions the hair instantly and is a must in your travel bag. Excellent for naturalistas who are always on the go. With regular and use, our Banana Juice leave in conditioner prevents your hair from drying out, snapping, frizzing or fraying while giving it that perfect citrusy smell throughout the day. It also allows you to easily style extra thick, tough or brittle hair. Depending on the texture of your hair, you can determine the amount of product you need to apply to be able to style and maintain those curls.

This product is made from various natural ingredients; Organic Banana Juice, Pink Grapefruit essential oil, Lime essential oil, Mandarin essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, Organic Neem oil, Organic Rosemary, Meadow foam oil and several other fantastic ingredients that work together to keep your hair, hydrated, moisturized and fizz free. The active ingredients; banana juice and citrus essential oil are rich in vitamins and minerals that add shine and moisture, strengthen the hair, prevent hair loss, increase hair volume, prevent loss of hair pigment (graying), fight dandruff and other infections. They also contain antioxidants that purify the scalp and nourish your hair follicles so that your hair does not fall out easily.

Made from natural ingredients, this product adds essential moisture to the hair, ensuring that dryness and brittleness are things of the past. Easy to use in a spray bottle, you can spray it on your hair and be on your merry way with the confidence that your hair will be kept moisturized. The active ingredients are brilliantly combined to make it a highly effective leave in conditioner for all hair types. With an organic content of 96%, it is free from harmful ingredients and is appropriate for people of all ages. Some of the benefits of the ingredients are detailed below.

Organic Banana Juice
Banana is a highly nutritious fruit. Packed with potassium and a host of vitamins like B3, B5, B6, C and more, it is a highly essential fruit that plays an important role in the body. On the hair, it is equally beneficial, resulting in healthier and stronger hair.
Presence of Potassium: Lack of potassium in the body has been linked with hair loss. With an abundance of potassium, our organic banana juice leave in conditioner is a great and healthy source of hair growth. Banana juice also helps in preventing excessive hair shedding and hair breakage.
Adding moisture: Applying banana juice on the hair and scalp will keep it supple and moisturized. Banana juice also softens the hair and makes it easier to manage.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
The pink grapefruit is an extraordinary essential oil that works wonders on the hair, skin and the whole body. It:
Reduces the risk of hair loss and dandruff: dandruff is an embarrassing condition, but be rest assured that it will be gone with grapefruit essential oil.
Gives your hair a lustrous shine: in our banana juice leave in conditioner, grapefruit oil will ensure that your hair glistens and blossoms.

Lime Essential Oil
Lime essential oil is usually cold pressed using the fruit’s peel. It has a sweet and pleasant citrus scent. The uses of lime essential oil include:
Ensures your scalp is healthy: lime oil on your scalp will purify it while also encouraging hair growth and thickening.
Prevents hair loss: Lime essential oil helps in preventing hair loss as well as adding shine to the hair. It also helps in reducing dandruff and dryness.

Meadowfoam Oil
Ensuring that your hair always has the right amount of moisture that it needs can be a daunting task. Lack of moisture leads to dry and brittle hair and that’s something no one wants. Meadowfoam oil is known to be effective in locking in moisture in the hair. It also helps in adding luster to dull hair as well as rejuvenating dry or damaged hair. When combined with other oils, it elongates shelf life of the overall product.

Behetrimorium methosulfate is not in the category of sulphates that are drying for the hair. It is an ingredient that is safe and mild to use. It helps in detangling hair because it penetrates and absorbs excellently. It not only ensures that the scalp is not coated but also makes sure there are no residues on the hair after application.

Organic neem oil. An exotic oil that promotes hair growth, conditions dry and under-nourished hair and helps alleviate dandruff and itching.

Organic rosemary

Rosemary is said to improve and stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. This in turn helps in promoting hair growth. If you have thin hair, it is important to note that this conditioner is equipped with rosemary and will help thicken your hair.

Now that you’ve seen what some of the ingredients in our leave in hair juice are capable of, just imagine what they can do when combined. This is exactly what the Banana Juice Leave In Conditioner offers you. This amazing product is a must, if you want soft and lustrous hair. This product is the perfect recommendation for all naturalistas because it is free from parabens and other chemicals that may do permanent damage to your hair. So if you’re tired of battling with your unruly tresses every morning, or you’re a hair stylist who just wants to provide your clients with the best possible hair styling experience, get this.

Directions for use
This product comes in an easy to use spray bottle. Once you are ready to style your hair, shake the bottle thoroughly because sometimes with natural products like our Banana juice leave in conditioner, there may be settlement of ingredients. You need them to be perfectly mixed so that you can get the best value of the product. Next, spray your hair in sections with the fine mist until you are sure that all the areas have been covered. This should be done daily for soft manageable curls.

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