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Acai Hair Softening Creme: USDA certified organic multipurpose butter

We totally understand how annoying it can be when you feel your hair isn’t quite looking the way you want it to look. It might even appear that it doesn’t want to cooperate with you. If you have thick or dry hair, you will totally relate to this.

Not looking forward to washing your hair because you’re worried about excessive dryness? We are so pleased to introduce our Acai wonder multipurpose creme. There is no longer any need to dread wash days with our multipurpose butter/creme. This hair crème is highly effective for softening hair and works perfectly for all types of hair including newborns. It is made from various natural ingredients that condition your hair and retain moisture, keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

This versatile product is packed with several natural wonder working ingredients including Organic Acai pulp extract, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Grape Seed oil, Organic Sunflower seed oil, Organic glycerin, Organic Lecithin and several other organic ingredients that are perfect for maintaining healthy hair and skin. One of the active ingredients, the extract from the Acai berry, is widely known to contain numerous vitamins and antioxidants that enhance hair growth, revitalize the skin, repair damaged skin/hair and restore moisture leaving your hair healthier than ever.

With our Acai Hair Softening Crème, there is still hope for those with heat damaged hair as well as those with brittle hair caused by poor diet and harmful chemical products. Our Acai hair softening creme is exceptional because it is extremely light to the touch, it will not leave your hands feeling greasy and sticky after application. It is the perfect product for detangling and smoothing out natural hair.

Hair smoothing creams have become an essential product. There are various hair smoothing creams on the market and they range from sprays to gels. Finding the right product that is both chemical free and effective for providing the elegant look you want for your hair can be a bit challenging. While a few hair and skin products out there can claim to be natural, only a handful may be able to be USDA certified organic. For anyone who insists on a hair care regimen that is completely devoid of chemicals, you have absolutely nothing to worry about with this product. All ingredients are pure, natural and perfectly work together harmoniously. In addition to this degree of purity and perfection, our Acai hair softening creme, serves two purposes. Doubling as a hair softening crème as well as a skin moisturizing cream; it is basically a two for the price of one deal. It gives your hair a light to medium hold while maintaining a natural finish so that your hair doesn’t end up looking like it has been weighed down by the product. It also serves as an unbelievably moisturizing product for the face and body. This means that it doesn’t only perform magic on your hair but works wonders for your skin also.

A little about some of the key ingredients in this wonderful two in one product.

Organic Aloe Leaf Juice

Aloe leaf juice is obtained from the Aloe Vera plant. It is comprised of 32 vitamins and minerals, 75 nutrients and over a hundred active enzymes. The uses of Aloe leaf include:
Reducing dryness and dandruff: The enzymes and anti-inflammatory properties in aloe leaf juice help in moisturizing itchy scalp. These enzymes also have anti-fungal properties that ensure that the scalp is dandruff free. Having to endure stubborn hair is one thing, but also having an itchy scalp can be very frustrating. Aloe leaf juice will get rid of these problems fast.
Promoting Healthy hair growth: Protolitic enzymes are present in aloe leaf juice and they remove dead skin that can suffocate the hair follicles. The dead skin usually affects the growth of hair so this is taken care of by Aloe leaf juice.

Organic Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is more suitable for moisturizing and conditioning dry hair than olive or coconut oil. It penetrates deeper because it is lighter than the two and it won’t make your hair greasy. Grape seed oil is also odorless and clear leaving no unpleasant lingering scent in your hair. Its uses include:
Preventing hair loss: Grape seed oil contains antioxidants that ensure that the production of DHT is reduced. DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss. It can also be used to relax the hair follicles and prevent hair loss that is caused by cortisol.
Moisturizing and Conditioning hair: With grape seed oil, moisture can be locked in your hair. This aids in preventing split ends and brittle hair. Its moisturizing properties ensure that your hair is protected from frizz and dryness.

Organic Shea Butter

This ensures that your hair is provided with moisture and vitamins. Naturally, Shea Butter is thick and ivory in color. Numerous products in the market use Shea Butter and although the smell might be off-putting, it is still excellent to use because of its numerous benefits. Some of its advantages include:

Nourishing the scalp: Shea Butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties that greatly help the scalp. Ultimately resulting in healthy nourished hair. Everyone wants soft, healthy, full and glistening hair. These are things that Shea Butter actively offers.

Encouraging hair softening: Shea butter can be applied to hair so as to moisturize individual strands of the hair. Using adequate amounts of Shea butter to treat your hair will make it soft and manageable.
Strengthening the hair: Vitamins and fats like Vitamin E, D, F and Phytosterols are present in Shea butter. These help to nourish; strengthen and repair damaged hair. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t break.

All these active ingredients are powerful when used individually, but when adequately combined, they can be very effective. The Acai Hair Softening Creme has been able to do this wonderfully. It is also great value for money and its light nature ensures that your hair doesn’t get weighed down. Hair dressers can recommend it for their clients and anyone can use it for soft and smooth hair. If you’re someone who doesn’t like or want to put too much effort into styling your natural hair, or simply a fabulous hair stylist looking for fabulous products to stock your shelves with and recommend to your next client, then this product is definitely for you. The texture, aroma, efficacy will have you wondering why you hadn’t discovered much sooner.

How to Use

Apply to damp hair before twisting or styling. For skin, apply immediately after shower and as needed anytime of the day. On your skin, it gives a glossy moisturized finish and on your hair it leaves a radiant and light natural looking finish. Whichever way you choose to go with this product, you can be sure you’ll be getting the best possible result.

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