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Oslove Holiday Series 6: How to make your own aluminum free deodorant

If you are closely watching what you consume as far as beauty and personal care products is concerned, chances are  you will be highly interested in learning how to make your own deodorant. This is because most of the deodorants sold in the market today contain aluminum as the key ingredient. Although they have not found any link between aluminum and breast cancer, it is better not to wait till they do. Aluminum is not a natural product and may accumulate in the body (please note that we are not medical practitioners).

There are various ways to make your own pure and natural deodorants at home. You can choose to use a simple combination of non comedogenic butters mixed with moisture absorbing ingredients like arrow root powder or baking soda and you are all set. Butters that work great in making deodorants include illipe butter, kokum butter and in general, butters that have a relatively high melting point. For extra stiffness, you can add beeswax or candelilla wax. Candelilla or Carnauba wax is used for vegan formulations. See the DIY ingredients section of our website for all you need.

You can decide to add essential oils like tea tree oil or peppermint oil. These two oils are anti bacterial and will ensure you smell fresh all day long.

Watch the video for more ideas on how to take complete control of one of the most important part of your skin care routine.

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