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Grow with me series: The two product challenge

So this month I have been experimenting a little bit. The holidays as you all know is a very busy time of the year and although it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is common to find yourself lost in all the preparations.

For me personally, running a business and the demands of daily life with two active great boys is an added bonus. I have no complaints but I am definitely a great believer in simplifying things as much as possible. While I cannot predict my youngest son’s tantrums, I can most certainly predict when my hair will be needing to be re-moisturized, washed or deep conditioned.

To make life a little easier and to leave me with more time to enjoy with my husband and kids, I have decided to find the best two products that will nurture my thick hair daily. I started this series to share my hair re-growth journey with all my wonderful customers and I cannot believe that I cut off my whole hair in July because it is already grown so much.

I discovered that my hair thrives on two of our amazing hair products alone. This was an amazing discovery for me because while I like to use only pure and natural hair products, I feel like I don’t even have enough time to use them all. This led me to experiment with our hair line of products and to see which ones I can use alone and with the best results.

I have decided to tell myself the truth. I am not big on hair styling. I love the term wash and go or “moisturize and fly” like I have made up myself. These two products work incredibly well together and I am pleasantly surprised because I have now successfully reclaimed some hours of my life back. The two products are the banana leave in conditioner and hair growth oil. I have found that these two products are all I need for my hair at least at the current length I have.

What I do is simply cleanse my hair with the aloe and green tea conditioning cleanse every two days. After drying my hair with a hair towel, I spray the leave in conditioner and follow up with the hair growth oil. this leaves my hair shiny and I have noticed less shedding. This is an incredible discovery for me. Less can definitely be more, particularly when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

As a professional researcher, I have been trying to investigate the reason why these two products adequately keep my hair soft and moisturized. My hair is thick and has a high porosity but yet these two products which I use daily is enough to keep it soft and silky. I discovered the answer. The hair oils penetrate the hair shaft sufficiently and lock in the moisture from the banana leave in conditioner. The oils are light but very effective for coating the hair and preventing moisture loss. I have also found that I don’t need to wash my hair too often because there is no build up. The two products are organic and pure so that makes things much better for your hair.

I hope I have given you some simple tips on how you can manage and promote a healthy hair growth. If you are following this series (sent an email to confirm your participation), you will be getting an email to confirm your shipping address for your free hair products. This is a free holiday gift from me to you. It is not too late to participate, simply follow the instructions in the first grow with me series blog. You may not get the free gift this year but will definitely be added for next freebies going out. Happy holidays everyone!

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