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How to substitute natural butters in DIY recipes

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We always receive messages from customers about being sensitive or allergic to certain products. sometimes, you may not even be allergic or sensitive, it could be that you simply do not like a certain natural product because of its smell or texture. In this post, we will reveal some amazing almost equivalent product substitutes you can try so that you do not simply miss out on the incredible gift that nature has provided so freely to us.

First is Shea butter. Unrefined Shea butter is fantastic and incredibly potent but many people do not like the smell. More importantly, people that are allergic to nuts should not use Shea butter because it is nut based. A few other nut based butters include: Illipe nut butter, Kokum butter and other butters that are extracted from nuts are not suitable for people with nut allergies. If you are looking for creamy and rich butters that have textures similar to Shea butter, you can try Sal butter and Mango butter. These two butters are super moisturizing and relatively soft like Shea butter. In addition, they have beneficial qualities that compare relatively well to Shea butter. Our unrefined cupuacu butter will also rise to the occasion as a seed butter substitute.

The second natural product we often hear people complain about is coconut oil. Some people claim their hair is sensitive to coconut oil and some do not like the potent smell of it. While extra virgin organic coconut oil is an amazing product with great healing properties, we totally understand that some people can be sensitive to it. A great substitute is Murumuru butter. One of our most exquisite natural butters. It is silky and super smooth and works just like coconut oil in any body butter recipe.

Another great product that some people do not care for is Cocoa butter. We carry the virgin organic version which is unrefined. It smells just like chocolate but the smell can the a little intimidating due to the strength it carries. Cocoa butter offers stiffness to body butters, soaps, lotion bars, deodorants and other natural homemade products that need to be relatively firm. A frequent complaint is the fact that the smell can be over powering and therefore can overshadow the smell you are trying to achieve. You will need to experiment a little bit with Cocoa butter to discover that when mixed with some essential oils, you can actually achieve an incredible aroma that can only be possible due to the natural chocolate smell that cocoa butter brings to the table. Notwithstanding, if you absolutely don’t care for Cocoa butter, we are not mad at you and we actually understand. We have great substitutes in Illipe and Kokum butter. These two butters offer stiffness to any product you are trying to make. Due to their high melting point, they can balance your products and keep them from melting easily.

To boost the amazing benefits of natural butters and carrier oils, be sure to incorporate pure essential oils into your creation. Take 30% off our bulk premium therapeutic grade essential oils using coupon code “ESS23”.

We will be sure to let you know of more substitutes if you let us know what butters you simply do not like in the comments below. Also, feel free to share any substitutes you have successfully tried. Thanks for reading.

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