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Grow with me series: My short hair regimen

I am really excited to share my new regimen with you all. If you are following the ‘grow with me’ series, you would have found out that I cut my hair this summer. No big reason apart from the heat and an envy of my husband for being able to jump in the shower as many times as possible in a single day, and from head to toe. I discovered how unrealistic this is for long African American hair so I decided to cut my whole hair off and grow it back over the winter.

I have really enjoyed the head to toe showers two times a day but as the weather is getting colder here in New England, I have cut back on the multiple daily showers and I am now focusing on growing my hair out. I don’t really miss my hair too much but I’d like to go through the hair journey again, enjoying every single stage of it. My first big chop had me too involved and consumed with growing my hair out but this time, I am really taking it easy and making sure to enjoy every single growth stage. In the end its just hair and there are more important things in life right? Yes, but my hair is an awesome accessory and I want to be able to create more styles again.

My work, family and lifestyle doesn’t really give me tons of hours in the week to care for my hair so I have a very simple regimen. Best of all, my regimen really works as my hair is already growing back really fast. I thought I might be able to use those tiny tail combs for a lot longer but they already can’t go through my hair and its only been two months. The days of having several hair products in my bathroom closet are long gone.

Simple is really the best way to go. Furthermore, the importance of pure and natural hair products cannot be overemphasized because of how topical products eventually get absorbed into the bloodstream. Now that I am focused on growing my hair back, I simply cleanse it everyday while while bathing using our aloe and green tea conditioning cleanse. This is all I need for cleansing my hair as it is a conditioner and shampoo in one. It is a pure and natural product with an 84% organic ingredient content. after my shower, I spritz my hair with our banana leave in conditioner which is a pure and natural product with a 96% organic ingredient content.

After cleansing my hair, the way I style my hair depends on the occasion. If I am just going off to bed after a shower, I will simply apply the USDA certified organic Acai hair softening cream to my hair. This cream keeps my hair soft and can be applied on the face as a moisturizer. This means that you can just go off to bed after applying this, it has absolutely no chemicals and is suitable for kids and adults of all ages. If I am going out, I apply the Safflower seed curl defining cream and I apply this is a circular motion to define my curls nicely and I use the hair grow butter to seal my hair in the dry weather. Keeping it simple, I am out the door in a few minutes.

It is important to mention that I care for my scalp. My scalp loves oils. It gets itchy when I don’t oil it generously. My hair and scalp love the daily massage. This keeps my scalp super healthy and clean. The hair massage oil works wonders for my scalp. I sometimes use the black cumin seed oil to massage my scalp. It is an oil known to promote super hair growth. It is often recommended to cure baldness and smells incredibly spicy.

So that is all about my current short hair regimen. I really keep it simple and healthy using pure and natural ingredients. I will keep you updated on my progress in 2 months and I have a special gift package for those that are following me on this ‘grow with me series’. Please note that only those signed up will receive the gift package. To sign up, follow the directions stated in the first blog of the series. Will let you know what’s in the gift package in the next blog. Please stay tuned.

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