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Beauty Products: Are you watching your consumption?

So many people are becoming more conscious of what they consume in a highly welcome revolution. Thankfully, there are now several organizations that help keep companies accountable for the products they offer. International trade has been great and offers us access to several amazing things we would otherwise not have access to. These include products from different parts of the world. It is therefore important to be extra vigilant as there are different standards in different countries. Ingredients are also constituted differently in compositions that are often unique. Being proactive means not assuming that ingredients and product regulations are homogenous across countries. If you order a product from a different country, you might be surprised that it may contain ingredients that are disallowed in your own country. This is why it is best to stick with pure and natural products.

If I can’t eat it, I can’t rub it in

My rule of thumb is  ‘if I can’t eat it, I can’t rub it in’. While it is a great idea to be mindful of what you eat, It is extremely important to equally pay close attention to what you apply on your body which is another gateway to your body. I am always surprised to see product labels that have indications like these: ‘Do not use while pregnant’,  ‘keep away from children’, ‘see doctor if accidentally consumed’ and several other warnings you find on products these days. Other than allergy warnings which are necessary because some natural products are unsafe due to allergic concerns, I don’t believe these warnings should be found on any skin or hair product I have in my home.

Although I believe all skin and hair products are eventually ingested into the body, certain beauty products are particularly very significantly consumed internally. For example, lip sticks, lip balms and lip stains. These lip products are ingested in the body in reasonable amounts and as such should be 100% pure and natural for continuous good health and peace of mind. Fortunately, lip balms are very easy to make with few organic ingredients.

Our simple lip balm recipes offers a wide variety of options with our first class pure and natural ingredients. You only need organic beeswax or organic carnauba wax for vegan formulations; Carrier oils and any organic natural butter of choice. Melt these together and let it harden and you have your lip balm. For fragrance you can add an essential oil that is good for consumption like lemon grass or seed orange. See full recipe on our previous blog post. Get your ingredients here 

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