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DIY summer glow body butter

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This summer, pamper your skin after exposure to the sun with this awesome DIY recipe. Everyone loves Summer but if you don’t protect your skin and carefully nourish it after being exposed to the sun, over the years you would find out that you might experience premature aging of your skin. The use of sunscreen cannot be overemphasized but what about how you care for your skin afterwards. Nurturing the skin can immediately reduce or reverse the impacts of sun burns and excessive sun exposure on the skin.

Thank goodness for nature. These amazing natural butters contain superior anti-oxidants that can soothe and comfort the skin. You can simply apply it at night before bed and wake up to plump rejuvenated skin. The illustrations and recipe can be tweaked as long as you include the butters and oils.

Have you tried our summer glow body butter  , it serves the purpose of not only soothing the skin but also, effectively reducing sun blemishes and sunburn scars. It contains the following fantastic natural ingredients:

Virgin Organic Cocoa butter,

Sal seed butter,

Unrefined Murumuru butter,

Extra virgin organic coconut oil,

virgin organic sweet Almond oil,

virgin organic Rosehip oil,

Carrot seed oil,

Turmeric oil,

Lavender essential oil,

Frankincense essential oil,

grapefruit essential oil,

Pure Vitamin E oil,

Organic arrowroot powder, Food color.

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