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Did you know that our organic unrefined non-deodorized cocoa butter makes great and smooth tasting chocolate? That is because it is food grade and free from the 8 major allergens. On its own, it already smells incredibly delicious, just like chocolate. In this video, we show you how to make simple milk chocolate as a fun holiday project. We all love chocolate and this is an exciting recipe to try. Let us know if you try it in the comments below.

This holidays, try some fun DIY with your kids at home. Kids love chocolate so why not make yours with our pure unrefined organic food grade cocoa butter.

Ingredients needed:

5 oz unrefined organic food grade cocoa butter: Get yours or 5 oz unrefined organic coconut oil: Get yours

1 cup of powdered milk

3/4 cup unsweetened powdered cocoa powder

1 cup powdered sugar 4 oz peanuts (optional)


Melt the cocoa butter in hot or warm water,

sieve in all the powdered ingredients and mix with a whisk.

Pour into mould of choice and put in the freezer to stiffen.

This would make a good amount to give as gifts or to simply enjoy all by yourself :)

See our website for premium quality natural butters: www.osloveorganics.org

Comment below if you will try this. Let us know how it turns out. You can either use organic unrefined cocoa butter or unrefined organic coconut oil. We found that coconut butter gives a more creamy and rich taste.

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