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Tucuma butter for skin and hair

Natural products have completely taken over the beauty industry as people gravitate towards healthy options for skin and hair care. The goal is almost homogenous across all age groups, gender and status. A skin care product must be able to provide glowing and blemish free skin, while a hair care product should be able to provide healthy hair at the bare minimum. To avoid unknown ingredients and chemical based products, the DIY category of skin and hair care was born. This includes individuals who prefer to make their own products at home using pure and natural ingredients. The list of natural products is endless, ranging from oils to butters and waxes.

In this article Tucuma butter is discussed. Its benefits for skin and hair are highlighted.  Tucuma butter is a native of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, It is obtained from the seeds of the Tucuma palm through a cold press technique.

Tucuma butter is noted for its rich Oleic acid content, it is also rich in Myristic and Lauric acids, a combination that gives it its amazing cell rebuilding/repair qualities. Tucuma butter is rich in Vitamin A and fatty acids and has tremendous antioxidant polyphenols properties.

Tucuma Butter for Skincare

  • Presence of fatty acids: Tucuma butter contains saturated fatty acids such as Oleic and palmitic as well as unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic. These fatty acids make it a great ingredient in skin care.
  • Good for dry skin: The presence of vegetable silicone in this oil aids in easy absorption while acting as an excellent skin moisturizer for people with dry skin, Tucuma butter alleviates the dry skin problem and with regular use reduces the effects of harsh weather on the skin.
  • Acts as a fade cream: Do you have pre-existing scars you want to get rid of or you’re tired of not being able to wear your favorite bikini because of stretch marks? Well, with regular application of Tucuma butter on the affected areas this can be a problem of the past. Using Tucuma butter to fade blemishes is most definitely a less chemical based approach, so results will be in stages and will last longer without side effects.
  • It is rich in antioxidants: It helps nourish the skin, keeping it supple. It also contains anti-aging properties that make you look youthful. 

How to use Tucuma butter?

* Apply twice daily on freshly washed skin, morning and night.

* It has no skin lightening properties but keeps your natural complexion glowing.

* You could also add few essential oils like lavender to it as Tucuma butter doesn’t have a widely noticeable scent.

Tucuma Butter for Haircare

  • Locks in moisture: You want to be able to brush your hand through you hair without it getting tangled. The amazing sealant properties in Tucuma butter helps you say goodbye to dry hair and welcome you to the tangle-free community.
  • It is non comedogenic: This means it dissolves easily without clogging up pores. You don’t want to end up with clogged pores as it can cause dirty hair and breed dandruff which are flaky and are just not good.
  • Aids the hair to be fuller and shinier: Thinking of the next nourishing product you should apply to your hair?  Have you tried Tucuma butter? This hair food just satisfies all the needed hair nutrients and will have everyone asking you for the secret to growing such long, thick and beautiful hair.

Have you tried Tucuma hair mask?

It is easy and has many benefits that include fuller and shiny looking hair. Hair masks are great as they allow your mixture to seep deeply into pores to strengthen your follicles and enable your hair grow stronger and longer.


  • Tucuma butter.
  • Shower cap.
  • A small bowl and spoon.


  • The first thing to do is melt your butter in the small bowl, you could leave it over hot water or place a pan and melt to oil.
  • Leave it to cool off but not enough to harden it.
  • Apply in generous amounts on clean hair. Please note that to get the maximum benefits of a hair mask, you have to wash your hair first.
  • Put on your shower cap. This is to enable the oil seep better into your pores.
  • Leave it on for as long as you’d like before washing off.

Other possible mixtures include:

  • Coconut oil, egg white, Tucuma oil mask: Use as a deep conditioner and wash off.
  • Aloe Vera, lemon and Tucuma oil. This can be applied to the hair before washing off
  • Olive oil and Tucuma oil: Can be used for a hot oil treatment

When making use of Tucuma butter, ensure it is properly melted down so it is smooth. It is supposed to be smooth without feeling grainy as consistency is key to ease of use. Get yours today and start providing your skin and hair with nourishing and hydrating organic nutrients. We carry the refined version of Tucuma butter which is gently processed to retain all the properties mentioned in this article. Order here

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