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Top All Natural hair treatments For Fabulous Hair Growth/Length Retention

Thinning hair, excessive shedding and hair breakage is no ones dream. Even if you are not necessarily interested in growing out your hair, no one wants to see their hair strands all over the house. There are several reasons why this could happen excessively. It is important to know that healthy hair has a normal shed rate which is absolutely normal and should be expected but what do you do when your hair won’t stop shedding. Even worse what is the remedy for hair breaking with little manipulation from the tips? While I have addressed reasons why your hair may continue to shed and break excessively in several previous posts, I will like to share some remedies and tips on how you can retain more length and prevent excessive hair loss which may come in different forms.


There are several treatments for hair loss. Some of them involve chemicals that you may not want to put on your scalp. In this post, I will be suggesting natural ways through which you can retain more of your length. I will first like to mention that excessive hair loss is sometimes linked to nutrition and health problems so you may want to check in with your doctor to have them run tests and rule out any high level issues that may be involved. After you may have addressed any medical issues, you can then try out the suggestions I make in this post.

Hot Oil Treatments

This simple treatment is an incredible way to provide your scalp with nourishing goodness of oils but without the risk of build up and possible irritations. Carrier oils are great but leaving them on your scalp all the time may expose your scalp to build up problems thereby causing more harm than good. Hot oil treatments involve first washing your hair and scalp with your cleanser of choice, warming up your chosen carrier oil lightly and then applying it to your damp hair. You will want to cover your hair to generate the heat needed to open up your pores and allow your scalp to absorb the treatment properly. After 30 minutes to an hour, you can go ahead and rinse out your scalp. Using oils that are packed with anti-inflammatory goodness is key to obtaining the most benefits from hot oil treatments. We highly recommend our hair massage oil which is designed specifically for hot oil treatments. Shop Oslove Hair Massage Oil.

What you need

4 oz Oslove Hair massage oil

Towel & Shower/heat cap


Wash your hair thoroughly with cleanser of choice or African Black Soap

Apply hair oil and cover with cap for 30-45 minutes

Rinse out oil from your hair and style as desired.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

You cannot retain length without frequently taking your hair through deep conditioning treatments. It’s so easy to get lazy and simply wash and condition your hair but its important to note that taking the extra time to deep condition your hair will pay off in the short and long run. Your hair typically goes through a lot every single day during the warm and cold weather seasons. Every weather type poses the threat of drying out your hair strands. The sun bears down in the Summer and the Winter cold is relentless in its harsh cold and dry winds. A deep conditioning treatment is time for your hair to unwind and get pampered. Neglecting this highly significant routine can lead to breakage and thinning of strands. Our banana deep conditioning treatment is packed with superstar ingredients like provitamin B5, organic banana juice and hydrolyzed oat protein. Give your hair the tender loving care it deserves with this amazing addition to your hair regimen. It quickly adds moisture and shine to the driest of hairs. Our mango deep conditioner is able to nourish the hair due to the presence of Hydrolyzed Oat Protein and Provitamin B5. It contains Organic Banana Juice which is renowned as a spectacular ingredient that helps create healthy and shiny hair. As an added bonus, it smells divine and is naturally fragranced with Mango Fragrance Oil which is sweet and fruity without being overpowering. Shop our banana deep conditioning treatment.

How to use:

  1. Apply necessary amount to wet hair after shampooing.
  2. Let conditioner set for a few minutes to absorb nutrients.
  3. Rinse away, until no conditioner is left in hair.
  4. Use frequently for best results.

Protein Treatments

Protein treatments are recommended and considered beneficial for adding flexibility to hair strands but it can be counter productive when not used carefully. Many of the natural products found in stores contain significant amounts of protein already so you may be overloading your hair with protein by adding a separate protein treatment in addition to protein daily moisturizers, leave in conditioners etc. Your hair is already made up of proteins so excessive amounts of protein can lead to brittle and dry hair. I suggest incorporating products that contain protein to your regular regimen and planning protein treatments few times a year. This will ensure that your hair components are properly balanced thereby fostering good conditions for hair growth and retention.

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