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Tips for starting your own handmade beauty business

Jumping into DIY beauty is very interesting and many people find it empowering. There is also that strong desire to share your discoveries with everyone you know. For example, imagine how you’ll feel when you discover the wonderful healing properties of Shea butter and then you remember that your sister and her family use a bunch of chemical laden ointments with no success. You’ll want to make everyone you know a believer and the desire grows daily until you find yourself sharing your creations and discoveries with the entire world.

The truth is that you are not alone. Everyone who discovers the wonders of natural products gets hooked and wants to share their knowledge with the entire world. This article will like you to know that you definitely can do that. You can also make an honest living doing so. So now I have your attention, you are wondering how do I do that? And isn’t everyone doing that these days? The answer to that question is not far fetched. There is market share for everyone no matter who you are and where you are. When you decide that you want to go into the handmade skin and hair care business, first thing you need to do is:

Make a plan: There is saying that “whoever forgets to plan, plans to fail”. This saying couldn’t be more true and is applicable for any type of venture in life. Your plan would include details like your target market, target investment amount, selling platforms you are considering; product sourcing, nature of products, marketing plan and more. The more detailed your business plan is, the more likely you are to succeed.

Explore your network: Charity begins at home like a popular saying goes. You will need to explore and exploit your personal network. Your personal network includes your friends and family. You can bounce ideas off of them. Use them to sample your products. This will save you the initial cost of having to produce a ton of sample sizes for a bunch of products at the early stages of your business.

Market research: Exploring and exploiting your network does not eliminate the need to conduct an exploratory market research to determine the need and niche of your product. This is crucial for success as it will enable you determine the profit potential of your business.

Consult a professional: Sometimes it might be a little daunting to launch out on your own and you would need the help of a professional. We offer a consulting package to enable you carry out the activities mentioned above. Our package helps you come up with a thorough business plan that will include all the necessary details like your best target market and the most realistic amount of money you need to set aside to invest in the business. Our package also includes details about the most suitable selling platforms you should consider as an outlet for your products. We help you in sourcing the product ingredients you’ll need for your handmade business.

We provide competitive advice on the nature of products that will be lucrative on your selected selling platforms. We have specialised consulting tools that we can use to explore your personal network and make recommendations on how you can leverage on it to grow your business. To order our consulting package for your handmade business start up, click here and you will be directed to learn more about the consulting package. Sign up today!

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    This came right on time! Thank you for sharing

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    Very helpful. I will be signing up for the package, thank you.

    1. a_fening says:

      Please I want to enrol to be trained in making and selling DIY body and hair products.
      What is the procedure please?

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