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Three simple ways to revamp your hair 3

My final recommendation on how you can revamp your hair is to jump on the protective styling bandwagon once again. When you first went natural, sure you would have heard about this step a lot from more experienced ‘naturalistas’ out there. But as you hair grows, it is possible to start thinking that you are now a huge expert on your hair and as such, you may start to neglect popular advise and wisdom. Wearing your hair out a lot can contribute significantly to its demise. Sure it’s just hair and as long as you are not so concerned about growth and length retention, you can wear your hair out as much as you want.

But if you want to see some real length, you may need to wear your hair in protective styles more frequently. However, while protective styles enable you retain length, it is important to be careful to properly maintain your hair when in protective styles and also when taking them out. Styles like box braids, Senegalese twists, weaves and so on, can look very attractive but they take their toll on your edges and your entire scalp in general. Consider the many options there are and select the one that best suits you and your lifestyle. Moisturizing your hair in the protective style must not be under-emphasized if you want to derive utmost benefit from protective styling.

I always prefer to have simple protective styles where my natural hair can be easily and properly moisturized to avoid breakage when taking them out. Braids can be lightly spritzed with water and leave in conditioner. Weaves may be difficult since your hair is tucked away. I suggest thoroughly moisturizing and sealing your hair before installing them. For more tips on revamping your natural hair, subscribe to our blog and we will keep you informed.

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