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The key to glowing skin: Moisturizing

In our previous post, I emphasized the importance of exfoliation and toning the skin. These practices are essential for glowing skin. If you want to keep your skin nourished then they are inevitable. In this post, I will like to emphasize the importance of moisturizing the skin. The skin is affected by different factors in the air and even when you live in a tropical climate, you may not be able to avoid the drying effect of wind and other elements on the skin.

Growing up in a tropical climate, I could easily get away with not moisturizing my skin especially during the rainy season but moisturizing was still necessary to achieve glowing skin even during relatively humid seasons. When you are very young, you may not realize the benefits of moisturizing until the aging effects of dry skin hits. Many dermatologists have stressed the need to start taking care of the skin when young to slow down the aging process. It is easy to see the difference between people that started taking care of their skin at an early age and people that waited till their skin started aging prematurely. Some of the characteristics include: not using sun block, not moisturizing properly, not exfoliating and toning the skin.

The skin is just like any other organ of the body and when neglected, it can wear out fast. A common excuse for not moisturizing the skin is to save time and avoid breakouts. some people prefer to leave the skin as dry as possible to avoid breakouts and oiliness. Rushing out to work after shower may seem like a convenient thing to do but this is only in the short run because the skin will retaliate after a while by aging fast and itching.

A few simple tips for saving time is using light moisturizers that are easy to apply. This definitely depends on the climate in which you live. For tropical regions, light moisturizers are enough to keep the skin hydrated and supple. On the other hand, relatively thick moisturizers may be more appropriate for colder regions as they protect the skin from the harsh winter air and provide a good barrier for the skin.

The notion that thick oily moisturizers cause breakouts have been tested by some people including myself personally. I use my butters on the face without any breakouts. I have found that when I use light lotions or creams on my face, my face tends to be more oily. I found this really strange. I am no dermatologist but a common explanation that I have discovered in my research is that the skin feels no need to give out more oil in the form of the sebum it secretes, if you apply sufficient oil to the skin already. But applying light lotions, makes the skin feel like it needs to produce more sebum to protect the skin. I apply oils to my face liberally and have never had issues with excessive oiliness or breakouts. On the other hand, the opposite is the case with lotions and light oil free creams. I find that I develop breakouts and my face gets too oily with them.

We highly recommend our homemade body butter for reliable extreme moisturization of the skin. This butter is made of pure and organic ingredients which nourish the skin keeping it supple and hydrated. It is able to do this because it properly locks in moisture into the skin. Our DIY body oil is also highly recommended for moisturizing the face. Stay tuned for more on how to keep your skin glowing.

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