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Super Hair Moisturizing Creme: Safflower Curl Defining Hair Creme:

Do you remember trying to make it in time for that meeting while your hair that grew out of your own head waged war against you? Or that one time you drowned your hair in chemicals only to be greeted by limp noodles disguised as hair? Well then hello there, I’m the curl whisperer and it’s really nice to meet you.

As someone with curly hair, you already know by now that we are quite unique. Before I fell in love with my hair, I used to wonder why God didn’t just make my hair straight, wavy and easier to manage. I have since moved from that kind of thinking. God knows beautiful and as such has created all things with a beauty that we can all get to appreciate with greater understanding. Discovering the unique characteristics of African textured hair is the only way you can understand how to cater for it. Several methods have been proposed out there for how to manage it but every texture is different and not everyone has the time to follow some of the extreme steps proposed by the so called self proclaimed natural hair gurus. In fact, everyone appears to be an expert nowadays so we certainly advice you follow suggestions with care and wisdom.

If your mane is anything like mine (4c tightly curled African hair), it will never sit immediately you tell it to. Sometimes I have a feeling it has a mind of its own. Some days are good and some days are not so good as my hair does not seem to be in the mood to cooperate. I reckon it prefers to relax under a silk bonnet as opposed to blowing in the wind somewhere. However, I need to be out the door at certain times so I need it to succumb. Fortunately for me, with the right products, I am able to get it to cooperate.

Everyone should be able to effectively manage their hair while still appreciating it in its natural state. This is therefore the reason every curly haired woman (or man) who is serious about maintaining those curls needs the Safflower Curl Defining Hair Crème in his/her cabinet. Made from natural ingredients, this product will definitely be your last stop in your quest for bouncier, moisturized, fuller and more intense curls.

This wonder product contains a number of active ingredients which all work collectively to ensure that your hair stays nourished, hydrated and controlled. These ingredients are miracle workers individually but together, they wield enough power to give your hair the confidence and divinity it deserves. After several years of testing, we carefully formulated the Safflower seed curl defining creme with fantastic pure and natural ingredients.
Simply because you deserve to know exactly what you’re being advised to trust your hair with, we will be going through some of the active ingredients and their benefits in this article.

Organic Poppy Seed Oil

Usually obtained by crushing and cold pressing poppy seeds, poppy seed oil is eternal proof that flawless skin and hair is certainly within simple reach. Some of the wonders that poppy seed oil performs include:
Aiding hair growth: Poppy seeds have been reported to be effective in stimulating hair growth. This is because it is an important source of various unsaturated fatty acids and minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc which are essential for hair growth.

Preventing and attacking dandruff: We all know the discomfort that comes with having to deal with dandruff. Apart from the unflattering appearance it gives, We also know that if dandruff continues for a long time without being treated, it will eventually lead to drastic hair loss. Poppy seed oil is considered effective in the treatment of dandruff hence curbing the potential devastating hair loss effect it could have.

Safflower Oleosomes

Oleosomes are generally referred to as nature’s powerhouse for the seeds of oil bearing plants. They are widely used in the production of cosmetic products. Safflower Oleosomes are therefore Oleosomes that have safflower oil contained in them. Below are a few of the numerous uses of this active ingredient:

Due to its structure, Safflower Oleosomes allow the oil and vitamins contained in them to be released in batches/layers. The first layer immediately comes in contact with the scalp and hair resulting in an instant moisturizing effect. Over time the layers continue to disintegrate and deliver oils and vitamins to the hair. This process results in a continuing moisturizing action thus keeping your hair and your curls in an ongoing state of fabulousness.

It is a natural emulsifying agent: With a plethora of natural ingredients of varying consistencies present in our curl defining creme, there has to be an emulsifying agent; something to make it all fuse together nicely. Safflower Oleosome is the natural emulsifying agent used in this hair moisturizing creme. It is the perfect alternative for Polysorbate, a not so natural emulsifying agent used in majority of hair and skin care products you will find in the market today. As much as possible, we only utilize natural ingredients for product formulation.

Safflower Seed Oil

Safflower seed oil is one of the best oils to use for your hair because not only is it odorless, it is also very light and as such absorbs easily into the hair strands. The oil which is very rich in Vitamins E and K, Oleic acid (or Linoleic acid), poly unsaturated fatty acids and Phytosterols has been proven to be very effective in preventing and treating hair loss as well as inducing hair growth.

Safflower seed upon contact with the skin is believed to act as a vasodilator. This means that it opens up the blood vessels close to the scalp resulting in more nutrients being supplied to the hair follicles per time. This action over time will in turn result in healthier hair that can hold curls for elongated periods of time.

Organic Shea Butter

If you are a natural product enthusiast, chances are you already know the magic that is Shea butter. Very few products in the market today do not contain Shea butter as a key ingredient. While many may be put off by its smell or density, we can all agree that those are small prices to pay for the amazing benefits that come with it. Some of these benefits include:

It is rich in unsaturated fats and vitamins (e.g. Vitamins E, D and F, Provitamin A, Phytosterols etc.). All of these works to nourish strengthen and repair damaged hair and we all know that a healthy and strengthened hair ultimately results in longer hair and enduring curls.

It softens the hair and seals in moisture. Using organic Shea butter on your hair makes it so much easier to style and it also prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle. The more moisturized your hair is, the easier it is for your curls to stay in place.

Shea butter acts as nature’s sunscreen for your hair. It contains SPF of 6 which protects the hair from the harsh effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight. It also creates a protective layer against pollutants in our environment.
It keeps stray curls in check. Because of its dense texture, it works well to control and evenly distribute oil on the scalp. Treating your hair with adequate amounts of Shea butter will leave you with soft, bouncy curls. This is why it is an active ingredient in our curl defining creme.

Geranium essential Oil

This exotic high quality essential oil offers many health benefits for the hair. Often referred to as the “rose oil”, this oil has fantastic qualities. The sweet flowery scent is soothing and the aroma can last for days. Geranium oil helps prevent dandruff because it has astringent qualities that wards off scalp problems like dermatitis etc.

Now that you’ve understood the individual powers of these active ingredients we are sure you now understand the mountains that they can move when used together. That’s exactly what the Safflower Curl Defining Hair Creme is offering. In addition to being absolutely awesome, this product gives the best value for its price. Because of how heavy it is, you will need just a little quantity to get the desired moisturizing and curl defining effect.

So if you’re a stylist and you’re looking for a new product to suggest to your clients or you’re a naturalista who is just tired of not feeling like the king/queen that you know you are, it may be time for you to get yours.

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