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Everyone looks forward to Summer. Fall is my personal favorite but I think if there is a poll, Summer will win top spot for most desirable weather. This is mostly due to the fact that it is the most versatile weather and there are so many activities that can be scheduled in the Summer season. The kids are home on holidays and most companies have their employees scheduled for vacation in the Summer. There is so much free time in the summer and it makes for a very relaxing period of the year. In New England, most people look forward to warmer weather all year because the Winter is so brutal and people just want to get outside. While we all want to enjoy the outdoors, there are a few Summer hazards that we need to be prepared for. First, bugs and other animals also come out to hang out during the Summer. Everyone likes a good weather. Therefore, between sunburns and insect bites, you will agree with me that there are pros and cons to Summer. I have never been bitten by an insect in the Winter but I was mortified to find mosquito bites on my kids. I absolutely hate the  idea that an insect stuck its proboscis into my skin but unfortunately, mosquitoes, ticks and other dangerous insect bites are quite rampant in the Summer. In this post, I will let you know how to enjoy the Summer weather thoroughly while avoiding the hazards it brings.


The sun shines all year round but its effect is strongest in the summer time and temperatures can quickly become so high that it gets dangerous to be outside for long periods of time. You can definitely get your free tan outside on your porch in the Summer but be careful, you might get painful sunburn. To avoid this common hazard, you must use a reliable sunscreen all Summer. There are several sunscreens out there and most are laden with all sorts of chemicals. It is important to have a safe and effective sunscreen in the Summer months as the effect of exposing your skin to the sun’s harsh rays is cumulative and often irreversible. Apart from premature skin aging, dark patches and aging spots, you might be exposing yourself to skin cancer as time goes on.

Find a simple DIY natural sunscreen recipe below. 

We like it natural, simple and effective at Oslove Organics and we know our customers do too. This recipe takes only a few minutes to make and involves simple ingredients that you can find on our online store.


  • Unrefined Shea butter: on its own, Shea butter is an excellent natural plant butter that has some sun protection factor so this makes it an excellent ingredient in your sunscreen
  • Unrefined organic coconut oil: This natural oil will ensure your end product is very pliable.
  • Essential oil of choice: It. is best to choose an essential oil that does not make you prone to sunburns. Citrusy oils can cause photosensitivity so it will be best to avoid them in your recipe.
  • Zinc oxide: This has been used for a long time as a natural sun protection. It is extensively used in the beauty industry for making powders and foundation. As a sunscreen, it works by reflecting away the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation. Unlike other naturally occurring sunscreens like titanium oxide, zinc oxide protects fully against UVA and UVB radiation. Each percent of zinc oxide gives 1.6 SPF units so at the FDA approved concentration of zinc oxide which is 25 percent. You will end up with an SPF of 40 which is an excellent level of protection. It is important to mention that zinc oxide has been extensively tested by the FDA over the years and found to be safe for use in beauty products.


Incorporate the Shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils together in a bowl. Ensure that your Shea butter is soft and at room temperature so that you can avoid lumps and seeds. Finally, add your zinc oxide powder and mix thoroughly. Due to the tendency of the powder to spread out, its important to fully incorporate the mixture before it is whipped. You will end up with a lovely fluffy butter which is also dense and very soothing for the skin.

Insect bites

Insects that we don’t usually see at other times in the year, all emerge from their hiding spots in the summer. Some of them can be quite dangerous and transmit often deadly diseases. You may decide to fumigate your yard in the Spring time to prepare for the fight but you will not be in your house all summer long. Summertime is known for get togethers, barbecue, pool parties and etc. You will need to have your protection with you at all times. Insect repellant comes to mind but most of them contain ingredients that you may not like. Our all natural insect repellant spray contains only natural ingredients that are known to effectively repel insects thereby warding off bites and diseases.
Natural insect repellant spray
Incorporate 5-10 drops of these essential oils together and add in 1/4 part distilled water. Shake thoroughly and spray generously before going outdoors for maximum protection.

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