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Simple and easy no melt body butter: Guaranteed to stay soft and fluffy.

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At Oslove Organics studios, we have the awesome opportunity to be surrounded by pure and natural DIY ingredients. We are constantly experimenting so we can inform you our lovely customers, on how best to use nature’s best gifts. One of the most frequent challenges customers face is learning how to make body butters to their desired texture preference. While some prefer thick body butters, some like it soft and fluffy. We have provided a wealth of information on the right ingredients for the desired texture in a few articles that we have posted on our blog. From our experience, we have noticed that a lot more people prefer their body butters to be soft and fluffy and to remain like that until empty. We get that and in this video, we go ahead to show you how to achieve a wonderfully soft and fluffy textured butter that remains like that while it lasts.Soft body butters are generally preferred because they are more easily spreadable.

We understand that the holidays is a very busy period for everyone and we like to keep it as simple as possible. Handmade gifts make the most thoughtful and most appreciated gifts in our own honest opinion but you don’t want to spend the whole day making them. This recipe takes only 15 minutes max to prepare and the result is absolutely amazing.

Ingredients needed.

Oslove Organics Organic Mango butter 4oz: or oslove organics mango butter 4oz:
Oslove Organics Pure Murumuru butter 4oz:
Oslove Organics Face and body oil 4oz:
Essential oil of choice.


Simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Make sure the butters are at room temperature. Mash them down with a wooden spatula to make the whipping process a lot faster. Whip and watch the butters plump up. The mixture will go from yellow to creamy white. Store in a jar of choice and give as gift to your friends and family. They will wonder when you became a skin care professional because your butter will remain soft, creamy and silky as long as it lasts.

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