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My favorite silky body butter recipe.

Whipped silky body butter

I absolutely love thick butters but I find them most suitable for the Winter weather while I prefer silky butters that leave my skin soft and shiny as the weather warms up. As Spring approaches, the need for thick butters reduces, instead we are ready for that silky smooth textured butter that your skin will love. We are excited to introduce you to this recipe which is not only simple to make but also quick and relatively cheap.I make this butter for myself only. Yes, I make just enough to last me a couple of months and I hate to run out of it when I share it. Many of our customers ask about free recipes from time to time so I am happy to present this one that you can make at home in very few steps.


2 oz Tucuma butter
6 oz Tamanu butter
4 oz Murumuru butter
3 oz face and body oil
Essential oils of choice.

About the ingredients

These ingredients are included in this recipe for a reason. Murumuru and Tucuma are butters that are naturally silky. They start out firm but when melted and whipped, transform into an incredibly unique textured butter that mimics artificial silicone. They are less greasy butters that absorb easily into the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Tamanu butter is another wonderful butter that adds softness and anti-inflammatory properties to this body butter and cannot be left out. Carrier oils are a must in body butter recipes as they help integrate the plant butters in the recipe while adding their own benefits. Our face and body oil contains 12 virgin organic carrier oils that are fantastic for conditioning and moisturizing the skin. Many of our customers use this oil alone as a night time face oil and it works wonders. You can read about it here.


Although the butters in this recipe are naturally soft, they still need to be fully melted down to prevent a lumpy and grainy textured whipped body butter. Any left over unmelted bit will derail the goal of a smooth and silky body butter which is what we want to achieve in this recipe. After the butter is fully melted down using a double boiler over low heat, allow it to cool down before adding the oil. Go ahead and put the mixture into the refrigerator. This will allow the melted butters and oils to bind and be fully incorporated together.

After a while in the refrigerator, the mix should be bonded together and look like a salve. Take it out and add your essential oils. For this body butter, I prefer citrusy essential oils like lemon, lime, tangerine, orange, grapefruit and bergamot. They work with the natural aroma of our Tucuma butter. Our Tucuma butter is lightly refined so it still has the natural kernel smell that the Tucuma seed is known for. When making body butters, it is important to add the essential oils when your butter has cooled down. This is because most essential oils are very volatile and they evaporate quickly when added to hot or warm oils. If you are guilty of adding your essential oils to hot oils, you may blame the essential oil for not being potent enough when you are the one adding it at the wrong stage.

You may now go ahead and whisk the butters together. Whisk until you have a smooth creamy and silky textured body butter ready for use. You don’t have to whisk for a particular amount of time, but just enough till you are satisfied with the masterpiece that you have created. Allow the butter to settle before pitting into your container of choice.

We hope you love your whipped body butter. Let us know in the comment section if you try this butter and about any challenge you may have faced while making it.

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