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Murumuru butter

Murumuru Butter – The Magic Butter Everyone is Talking About.

As we get older, we tend to pay more attention to our skin because of how it changes. Although it is never too late to incorporate healthy skin care practices, it is best to start taking care of your skin while you are still young. Although the weather already does quite a good job in reminding us to use moisturizers, it takes conscious effort to discover products that will nurture and nourish the skin. Natural butters are gaining fame around the world due to their gentle yet effective impact on the skin. Many people are now very familiar with butters such as Shea butter, Mango butter and Cocoa butter. However, there are still a variety of pure and natural butters that are not that prominent yet.

One of them is Murumuru seed butter. Murumuru butter is a whitish – yellowish butter extracted from the seeds of the Murumuru palm tree popularly grown in the Amazon forest in Brazil. It is used in lotions, leave in conditioners, body butter, and lip balms. It is an outstanding emollient renowned for its superior moisturizing properties. Because of its naturally glossy protective film forming characteristics, it can be used alone as a body butter. On the skin, it has the unique ability to form a barrier shielding it from the elements that cause premature aging and other forms of skin damages.

Murumuru butter in its pure and natural state contains vitamins that are fantastic for hair as well. It is traditionally used to soften and protect the hair, leading to more hair growth and length retention. For people that are allergic to nuts or do not care for the smell of natural unrefined Shea butter, murumuru butter is a great alternative.

Chemical composition

Murumuru butter has an impressive combination of natural compounds. The most prominent compound is Lauric acid. Lauric acid is responsible for eliminating blemishes because of its antibacterial properties. Murumuru butter also contains oleic acid, palmitic acid, fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), vitamins A and C which both work incredible wonders on the skin.

Superior benefits of using Murumuru butter

Retains Moisture: Murumuru butter retains moisture in the skin and in the hair. Retaining moisture is essential for the health of skin and hair as hydration helps nourish skin and hair throughout the day. Murumuru butter is easily absorbed into the skin and permeates through the skin and hair shaft faster than most products. It is therefore recommended as a sealant moisture sealant for hair after shampoo.

Anti- Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Anti-Allergic: Murumuru butter is great for sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties make it the best fit for individuals with sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe burning and sensitive skin, its antibacterial properties protect the hair and skin and the anti-allergenic properties make it a safe and consistent product for individuals with such skin sensitivity.

Restores Elasticity: Murumuru butter is believed to help people suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a disorder that not only affects the tissues offering support to the skin, it affects the blood vessels, bones and other tissues by stretching the elasticity of the skin). This is because it helps restore the elasticity of the skin. Murumuru butter is also renowned for its rich anti-aging properties.

Heals Skin: Murumuru butter helps heal certain skin conditions such as eczema, acne, cracked skin, burns, etc.

Lightweight: Many hair and skin products can be heavy and end up weighing down the skin and hair. Some also end up leaving residue on the hair and making the skin greasy. Murumuru butter on the other hand, is lightweight and leaves a nice silky feeling on the skin and hair.

Affordable: Murumuru butter is affordable compared to most branded skincare products at the drugstore.
Organic: Murumuru butter is 100% organic and natural as it is extracted from the Murumuru seeds.

How to Apply Murumuru Butter

When applying Murumuru butter to the skin, rub between palms to warm it up and apply a generous amount to clean, damp or dry skin. Pay close attention to tough spots such as heels of feet, elbows, knees and ankles.

When applying Murumuru butter to hair, make sure your hair is damp. This is because, murumuru butter helps the hair by sealing in the moisture and acting as a sealant, therefore, keeping the hair hydrated.

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