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MURUMURU BUTTER: A true gift of Nature

Buriti oil and Murumuru butter

Murumuru butter is the white to yellowish fat obtained from the seeds of the murumuru palm. Murumuru butter contains lauric, myristic, and oleic acids. The fruit contains a white butter that is odorless and tasteless and has the advantage of not becoming rancid easily. The quality of Murumuru butter is similar to the seed fat of the Tucumã palm and coconut palm, but it has the advantage of providing greater consistency because of its melting point (33 C), which is superior to that of the Tucumã palm (30 °C) and coconut palm (22.7 °C). The quality of Murumuru butter makes it possible to mix it with other vegetable butters that have a lower melting point. It can also be used to partially substitute cocoa butter in chocolate, providing a firmer consistency in environments where the temperature is relatively high. Murumuru butter has the great advantage of having a low acidity value (4% to 5%), especially when made from fresh seeds. The fresher the Murumuru seed, the lighter the color. Oslove Murumuru butter is off white in color, made from fresh Murumuru seeds. The silky feel is unmistakable and plays a unique role in its moisturizing and sealing properties.

Murumuru butter is a native of the Brazilian rainforest and was used extensively by the native people for skincare and edible purposes. The Ashaninka tribe are one of South America’s biggest tribes with homeland covering a large area, mostly the upper Jurua river in Brazil. Their lives are rooted in their rainforest heritage where they explore several natural vegetarian plants. Murumuru seeds were used for medicines as well as skincare by Ashaninkas and in relatively recent times, it has become an important ingredient in other parts of the world. Murumuru butter was highly valued in Europe and the United States during the 1940s and 1950s, when it served as an ingredient in vegetable creams and soaps.

Today, soaps containing Murumuru butter together leave a protective layer on the skin similar to silicone, only it does not clog the pores like silicon. This butter is an amazing treatment for dry and tired skins. In hair products, Murumuru butter helps to maintain curls, while nourishing and strengthening hair roots. Murumuru butter is used in small amounts in shampoos (0.5% to 1%) and formulas for conditioners, creams, soaps, lipsticks and deodorants. It can be considered organic as it is extracted from hard seeds that are virtually impenetrable by any chemical fertilizer that may have used to grow it. Individuals that must stay away from Shea nut butter due to a nut allergy can safely use Murumuru butter to condition their hair and moisturize dry skin after a successful skin patch test.

Top benefits of Murumuru Butter

  • Affordable: Murumuru butter in its raw and natural state is highly affordable. You can use it lavishly instead of purchasing chemical laden products that contain only tiny amounts of it.
  • Wound healing abilities: Murumuru butter in combination with other powerful rainforest superstars like unrefined Buriti oil have been found to exhibit wound healing capabilities due to their significant effects on epithelial regeneration.
  • Fights wrinkles and premature aging
  • Softens the skin
  • Creates protective barrier on the skin
  • Great for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Murumuru butter recipes to try

Murumuru butter on its own is a fantastic skin and hair care staple but when combined with other powerful natural ingredients, the benefits are even much more visible. We have several handmade butters using murumuru butter. Our skin healing butter made by adding Murumuru butter to other ingredients like Kokum butter is an outstanding product for skin that has been affected by the elements including excessive hot water showers. To make a simple blemish removal butter for face and whole body, simply follow the instructions below which involves only three products.


5 oz Murumuru butter

2 oz Buriti oil

2 oz Pomegranate oil


simply blend all the ingredients together and its ready for use. Enjoy! Let us know if you try this simple recipe and if you have used Murumuru butter.


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