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Know your butter series: Illipe nut and Kokum butter

Kokum and Illipe butter have very interesting qualities. They are relatively unique in the properties they possess. For example, Kokum Butter when refined has a whitish color. The butter is a hard texture and the feel is like that of a chalk. When melted, it is incredible to see how this chalk texture translates into an oil. Kokum butter is produced from the seeds of the Kokum tree’s (Garcinia indica) fruit. In most cases, Kokum Butter is refined resulting in a white to off-white butter with a mild to nonexistent odor. Kokum Butter has a smooth and thick texture which makes it ideal for cosmetic and toiletry applications. Kokum butter is a great skin care product because it can strengthen the various layers of the skin, thereby promoting skin elasticity, preventing skin dryness, and restoring damaged and traumatized skin. This butter is highly effective for products that are required to have a stiff texture. For example, deodorants, body balms, massage balms, lotion bars and many more. To achieve the desired texture of your final product, it is important to measure and incorporate the right amount.

Illipe nut butter is an exotic butter extracted from the fallen nuts of the Illipe Trees grown in the South Pacific region. The nuts are gathered, dried in the sun, and then pressed to extract the raw fat inside. Illipe Nut Butter has a similar chemical makeup as Cocoa Butter, but it is harder and more resistant to heat given its higher melting point. These characteristics make this white refined butter an ideal component in lip balms, bar soaps, and other end products that require a high melting point. This great butter is highly beneficial for a wide range of skin treatments due to its moisturizing characteristics. Because of its relatively high melting point, it is a great addition to soaps, deodorants, body balms, lotion sticks and many more. If you are new to making your own skin care products, it is a great idea to experiment with these two butters as they are sure to add a great variety to your products; making you stand out as a professional specialist. Stay tuned to this series for more information on natural body butters.

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