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Introducing the ‘Know your butter series’

We will like to wish all our lovely customers a great 2017. We realize that a majority of our customers fall into two categories: Experienced DIYers (People that make their own products) as well as DIYers that are just beginning and looking to try out different things this year. As a result of our commitment to helping and supporting various DIY projects around the world,this year we are introducing a know your butter series to enlighten people about how best to combine butters and oils to get the best possible outcome.

There are several great butters out there that are suitable for different purposes. It is important to understand the various qualities and characteristics of the butters so as to get the maximum benefits out of them. You will be doing yourself and your products a great disservice by just mixing all the butters with any carrier oils you may have. While this might certainly be understandably convenient, it will only lead to frustration when your products don’t quite turn out the way you expect.

In this series, I will outline the various butters, their most beneficial qualities, how best they can be used, what they are most suitable for and the carrier oils they work best with. We encourage you to stay tuned to this series as you will definitely learn a lot. The tips will include Skin and hair care applications so watch this space.

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