So we know you are all super excited about the upcoming holidays and are ready to start making gifts. We always get requests about recipes and how to get the right product texture for DIY products. In this video, we are showing an up close look at the natural butters we carry and how you can use them to make body butters and more skin care products at home. It is important to know which butters work best for the different personal care products you’ll like to make.

Hard butters like Illipe, Kokum and Cocoa will give your product a stiff texture so they are highly suitable for lotion bars, soaps, thick body butters and deodorants. Medium textured butters like Sal, Mango, Cupuacu and Shea butter will make your products fluffy and airy. The softest butters we carry are Murumuru and Tamanu butter. They make soft body butters and lotions.

You can also learn how to mix the different textures of butters to achieve your ultimate goal. Stay tuned for more tips on making amazing products.