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How to make the Cheapest and Best Deep Conditioning Treatment For Your Natural Hair.

Let’s face it, no one has natural hair completely figured out and for those that have really evolved to the stage where they feel their hair cannot surprise them anymore, they are still not able to figure out natural hair in general just because of the incredible diversity and uniqueness of everyone’s hair. In addition, just as you cannot predict a breakout on your face, you cannot predict how your hair will respond or react to different products or different situations you face in your life. Stress has been found to affect the hair just as much as it can affect the skin so no one can completely figure out natural hair.

The reason for this introduction is quite simple, every day is an opportunity to get to understand your hair and what works with it. I have tried different kinds of store bought deep conditioning treatments in the past. These products are not usually cheap. The cheapest you can find averages about ten dollars. But what if I can tell you that you can make yours with what you have in your kitchen right now? I bet you will be very interested. Not only because of the convenience and price but I can confidently tell you that it works great for my 4c hair and might work quite well for you if you have my kind of hair. 4c hair is very tightly coiled. You may be wondering how to classify your hair but I won’t go into the various classification methods out there. I will only tell you the greatest test for 4c hair; do you find that it is very difficult or almost impossible to have your edges laid? If you answered yes, then you might very well have 4c hair. For me, I have pretty much given up on laid edges but that’s not the main issue here.

Back to the deep conditioning treatment that I have discovered works best for my 4c hair. It involves very simple ingredients that are very readily available and highly effective for natural hair. The main ingredient is Mayonnaise. This is also the base ingredient that wraps every other ingredient together. So how did I discover this and how do I use it as a deep conditioning treatment? Well, after the birth of my first child, I experienced severe hair shedding and started looking into several kinds of hair treatments. I bought a few expensive ones and tried them but nothing worked very well to reduce shedding and breakage. A hairdresser I visited for a trim advised me to try Mayonnaise as a deep conditioner and this was a huge turning point for me.

I went to the store, picked out the cheapest mayonnaise in the aisle since I knew it was not for consumption purposes. Scooped this out into a plastic container, added some olive oil to it and applied it to my hair. The immediate result was amazing, tangles were immediately melted and my comb could freely run through huge portions of my hair. This was so amazing but not even the best part. I put on a plastic cap on my hair and did my normal activities for a few minutes and after that I proceeded to wash out the mayonnaise. I washed my hair with my home made African black soap shampoo. When I came out of the shower, my hair was super soft and moisturized in a way I had never seen before. I immediately realized that I had been wasting my money on store bought deep conditioning treatments. None of them had ever come close in terms of how the mayonnaise made my hair feel. My ultimate goal is to always keep my hair and skin care regimen as simple as possible because I have come to realize that the simplest things are often the best.

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