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How to Make Rosehip Body Butter plus Giveaway.

So you have probably tried various recipes and made different combinations of natural butters and carrier oils but there is joy in trying many more. For instance, have you made Rosehip butter yet? Yes, have you used reship oil as the main ingredient in your DIY skincare product? If not, then you are missing a whole lot. Rosehip oil is an incredibly fascinating carrier oil that works wonders in different uses. It is an effective make up remover, it is an anti aging oil, it moisturizes and conditions hair. In addition to the many uses, it is a beautiful oil with a characteristic clear red color. You should absolutely watch the video tutorial by Yaya and try this recipe. We promise you wont regret it. Our rosehip oil is a premium quality which will bring out the best in your base butters. Let us know in the comments below if you try it.

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