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How To Keep Your Natural Hair Care Regimen Simple.

I have to admit it is really fun to have natural hair. First of all, it puts you in a position that exposes you to lots of products. Many people with natural Afro hair are also learning how to take proper care of their hair and this makes it very interesting. Everyday there is something to look forward to, styles to try out, treatments to apply and new products to test. For me, the excitement of trying suitable and compatible products often outweighs the cost of the products that I am trying to test out.

However, I will have to say that over time, the cost of experimenting adds up and changing products frequently can also have detrimental effects on the hair. It then becomes necessary to stick to few products and create a simple regimen that is not only sustainable, but one that works. In the initial stages of going natural, it is quite important to try a variety of products. The products you try do not necessarily have to be store bought ready made products, you can attempt to customize your own products with natural raw ingredients. But if you don’t select the products that work for you, you will find yourself in a roller coaster, continuously trying new products and eventually damaging your hair over time.

While creating a regimen takes a good amount of time and practice, creating a simple regimen takes even more time and discipline. Creating a regimen involves observing how your hair reacts to certain products during and after product application. Often times, we do not pay sufficient attention to our hair to understand how our hair reacts to products and their ingredients and this increases frustration because you may just keep doing the same things, expecting different results which is unrealistic. You may think you are trying different products but your hair reacts to the ingredients which may be relatively the same across the different products that you are trying and if your hair does not like that ingredient, it does not matter how it is formulated or packaged.

The key to creating a successful and simple hair care regimen involves paying close attention to ingredients in the products that you decide to try on your hair, observing how your hair reacts to the products and selecting the products to work with and the practices to engage in. Some people may need protein treatments more often while others may need deep conditioning treatments that focus on moisture retention rather than protein. Some people’s hair cannot stand protein due to sensitivity. So while crafting a regimen, it is very important to select what works for you after paying close attention to how your hair reacts to practices and products.

In the end, it is important to mention that regimens are not set in stone, you might need to change your hair care regimen due to significant life changes like childbirth or illness. This is because some situations generate some unique reactions from your hair, so it becomes important to accommodate life changes and observe how your hair reacts in combination to your products and practices. Life changes like childbirth can cause significant shedding of the hair so it is important to incorporate this knowledge in your regimen. In my next article, I will give tips on how to deal with post-partum shedding.

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