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How to keep Dry Ashy skin at bay

Nobody likes the look of ashy skin and most people try as much as possible to keep their skin from looking dry, ashy and flaky. But sometimes, no matter how much some people moisturize, they are still not able to stop their skin from looking ashy. this is due to a few reasons which I will discuss in this post. I will also go ahead to give helpful suggestions on how to combat ashy skin for good.

First of all, ashy skin is that whitish look your skin has when it is not properly moisturized. For people with darker skin tones, this is usually more obvious than in people with lighter skin color. It’s not pretty at all, hence the proliferation of moisturizers of different types. The best moisturizers are easy to apply and keep the skin conditioned for long periods of time while the less effective ones do not last long due to poor emollient properties.

Natural butters like Shea, Mango, Cocoa, Tamanu and many more, have risen significantly to take their place in the moisturizer category of skin care and although they are already prominent components of the skin care products and moisturizers you find in stores, they can pretty much do the job on their own while lasting for very long periods in your bathroom cabinets. But despite the fact that these butters are pretty sufficient in their moisturizing capabilities, some people still prefer the store bought products due to the fact they find them easier to apply at anytime of the day. The butters if not properly prepared can be difficult to apply and extremely oily. If not properly applied, it can just sit on top of the skin, making it greasy. Natural body butters get their benefits from not having chemical preservatives and being organic and pure. The use of preservatives becomes unnecessary when the butters you make do not contain water but this makes the butters mere oils whipped into soufflés in most cases. Store bought lotions and creams contain water and preservatives to prevent them from going bad but the chemical preservatives are not good for the body as a whole.

The best way to use the natural organic butters for skin moisturization is to ensure you get as much air into them by whipping for long periods of time and to apply the butter immediately after taking a bath or a shower. That way the butter is easy to apply and locks in the moisture on your body, protecting it from harsh weather and keeping it conditioned and nurtured. Another solution is to make lotions and creams but you must remember without preservatives, your lotion will need to be stored in the fridge and will have a relatively short shelf life span.

I suggest you watch the videos shared on this website for best practices on making soft silky butters that are highly effective for moisturizing the skin at all times.

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