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Five Reasons Less is More in Skin Care

Have you ever watched a make up tutorial? If you answered yes, a follow up question is how frequently? The reason I ask is simple. If you watch these tutorials on a regular basis, you may or may not have had enough time to pay close attention to the skin of the presenter but try to do so next time and let me know what you think. In the meantime, I would like to let you know my own personal observations for those that have watched and those that have not watched. First of all, I have observed that these make up specialists usually have rough and bumpy skin. I find this quite puzzling especially when I read the long list of products they use on their skin on a regular basis. You would think that they should have great smooth and glowing skin but this is hardly the case and has led to my conclusion that perhaps more is probably not beneficial for the skin. In the following paragraphs, I will outline more in detail why I believe that instead, less is more in skincare.

Better for your pocket

I can understand that many make up gurus on YouTube have a lot of money to spend on their products because it is a career for them. Some of them also receive these products to review free of charge so it makes sense that they have a lot of products. But for some of us that do not do reviews for a living, buying lots of skin care products would definitely leave a dent in our pockets. To start with, many of these products are not necessarily cheap despite the fact that they may not even be effective. While you may think that you are not spending a lot on skin care because you are not be purchasing these products in bulk, but the cost of single skin care products purchased frequently, certainly adds up.

Your skin will love you for it

My Dad is a very health conscious man and I recently learnt a few things from him. He recently turned sixty five but is still looking very young with almost no wrinkles. I remember discussing with him about his favorite skin care products and why he likes them. He went ahead to tell me that he prefers to stick to one product and doesn’t like the idea of using several different products on his skin. He went ahead to narrate a story about what informed his very relevant philosophy. He had met a sweet old who was in her 90s. Surprised at her smooth and young her skin still looked, he asked her what skin care products she uses. She responded and said that her secret is that she had been using one and the same product for her skin for over fifty years. She proceeded to say that she believed that exposing her skin to various products would weary her skin and make it even unhealthier. Well, there you have it wisdom has spoken. But in my opinion, I believe exposing the skin to various chemicals makes the skin to have to work harder in other to adapt, thereby make it age much faster than it would normally would. It is better to keep it simple and also use natural products which are healthier for the skin.

You will know your product better/Easily keep up with your product ingredients and formulations

If you are like me, you have tried a lot of skin care products in your life time. However, if you are not very observant, you will not notice that skin product companies change their product formulations. Because of the highly competitive nature of the beauty industry, companies that want to remain relevant in the industry have to be highly innovative. Sometimes they have to modify their product formulations based on requests from customers, regulatory agencies as well as pricing considerations. These modifications are sometimes for the better but they can also be for the worse. Ingredients are sometimes changed or substituted without the knowledge of customers. In other to be able to easily observe these changes, one has to be using few skin care products. Observing these changes also involve noting how your skin adapts to the changes. Although these changes may be subtle, they might be the difference between aging beautifully and aging not so beautifully due to exposing your skin to various chemicals. The fewer products you have, the better you are able to monitor the actual contents of your products.

It will save you a lot of time in the bathroom and getting dressed

One of the reasons I love summer is because I am able to spend less time getting dressed and less time for after shower ‘ceremonies’. In the winter, I always need to incorporate a lot more time for getting dressed after a shower. Between selecting a matching scarf, jacket, sweater, gloves etc., most people have spent close to 30 minutes and this does not include shower time, shoveling snow and searching for your car keys. For those that are more organized, you would still need to apply a good skin moisturizer not only to condition your skin but also to protect your skin from the harsh weather.
In the summer this is a lot different. I just throw on a simple dress, grab my car keys and go. This is after I apply a light skin moisturizer of course. For someone with several skin products to apply, it is an entirely different story. Regardless of weather, they would still need to spend at least 30 minutes applying their various skin products including several cosmetic products for face. In addition to UV protectant, they might need to apply six to seven different products on the face before they are ready to hit the road. This is a lot of time if you think about how many years the average person gets to live on the surface of the earth. I would say keep it simple and sweet, that way, you would be able to use the products that you really do need to use. Because, the thought of what lies ahead in terms of time it will take to get dressed can actually discourage one from doing what they need to do sometimes.

It will help you focus on quality rather than quantity

By using only few and necessary skin care products, you will find out that you are able to use only high quality products. This is not only because you are able to afford them, but because you are able to pay closer and more in-depth attention to the contents of your products as well as how your skin reacts to them. You will know when and which of your products are actually effective.

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