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Fabulous gift ideas for the holidays

So the holidays is here and it’s time when we get to spend a lot of money on our loved ones. While it is very easy to just head to the stores to purchase ready made gifts, it is worth the effort when you really take some time to prepare your gift giving experience. I personally like to give gifts that will improve the lives of my family and friends. For example, does anyone of my friends or anyone in my family have skin problems. Dryness and tightness of the skin, skin irritations, acne, breakouts and more? If so I put in some effort in creating a personalized gift for them and this usually goes highly appreciated.

Every gift should be appreciated but I find that people tend to appreciate handmade gifts a lot more because they understand that a lot of thought has gone into it. This holidays we have a ton of gift ideas that we have been sharing with you in our holiday series the started in the month of October. The ideas we have been sharing with you are very exciting to actually put in practice, and makes for a satisfactory gift giving process. You enjoy making the gifts while the gift recipient enjoys receiving the gift, a win-win for everyone.

Recently, a close friend shared some skin problems she is dealing with and gave me an awesome idea for her gift this year. My favorite gift to give is body butters, face creams, lip balms and body lotions. I make sure to personalize the label so that the recipient feels even more special.

What is your favorite handmade gift to give? Let us know in the comment section below. Please follow our holiday series for tons of exciting gift ideas. We have customized gift packages that you can order for your friends and family. We can make selected butters for you to give as party favors and holiday gifts. Customized gifts.

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