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Three Simple Ways to Revamp your hair 2

So from the first part of this post, I explained how the hair can wax and wane with time if not managed properly. I also stressed that its not a big deal, there are more important things in life like family, friends, health and so on. Hair is just hair and will definitely grow back unless there are underlying health issues. However, this does not undermine the fact that your hair is a very significant accessory. Your hair is pretty much the first thing anyone will see, so most people will like to have it looking nice and presentable at the very least.

I had mentioned that the first step to take towards revamping your hair is to have a nice hair cut, not just a simple trim. Taking off some good amount of inches will eliminate old hair and split strands to give you a relatively clean slate to start with. The second step is to rekindle the fire of deep conditioning. I know this can be a pain especially when you decide to do it the way it should be done which involves cleansing your hair, applying the deep conditioner and then rinsing, shampooing and moisturizing your hair. But this step is very important. I discovered the importance of deep conditioning the hard way. I totally neglected this step only to find that my hair became more difficult to manage; it became dry and was not accepting products properly. Deep conditioning makes your hair more likely to be impacted by hair treatments and moisturizing products. So when you have tried every hair care product in the market and nothing works for your hair, it is time to start doing deep conditioning treatments often and watch your hair blossom once again. You don’t have to buy deep conditioning treatment, you can make yours at home with simple ingredients in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet.

My simple deep conditioning treatment recipe includes the following ingredient:

  • Extra virgin organic coconut oil
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pure honey
  • Oslove organics hair massage oil: A blend of 11 virgin organic carrier oils known to promote hair growth and health

I will not specify the amount to include in your treatment as this depends on the density of your hair. I have a full head of hair so I am quite heavy handed with everything but to minimize waste, you will have to eye ball the amount needed to coat your entire hair. Mix the products until fully incorporated together. It should be golden brown in color in the end. For best results, before application, you should cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo if you have a lot of product build up. You can also just do a conditioning wash if you feel your hair is not dirty. Applying your deep conditioning treatment on dirty hair is a tricky one as some people frown at it. Most deep conditioning products advise you to cleanse your hair before application for effective results. However, everyone is different, I am sometimes guilty of deep conditioning dirty hair when I don’t have much time. You will need to try both options to see if it makes much difference to you. I will give my next step in the next blog so stay tuned.

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