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Simple tips for healthy hair growth

Essential Tips for Effective Hair Growth

The hair is commonly considered the crowning glory of an individual. Most people desire long, full, thick and healthy hair. Healthy hair is not only attractive but is also considered a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. Your hair undoubtedly enhances your overall physical appearance, but unfortunately, a lot of people do not have the long and luscious hair they desire. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. From mental stress to aging and genetics, several factors weaken the hair and impact hair growth positively or negatively. The hair being a naturally occurring accessory affects a lot of things including style, appearance and confidence level. As a result, poor hair health can lead to low self esteem in extreme cases.

A lot of hair products in the market promise “super fast hair growth” and sadly a lot of people fall for this marketing hype. The best way to promote effective hair growth is often to follow the natural route, incorporating as many natural products as possible. But sadly, a lot of people have the habit of seeking instant chemical remedies that will supposedly provide “quick” results. Most people aren’t aware that sometimes, these chemicals have extremely harmful consequences. These instant suggestions are made by so called ‘gurus’ that often claim to have obtained the highly sought after hair growth benefits. However, in recent times a lot of people are moving towards natural options when it comes to their beauty choices. There are tons of natural solutions that are capable of inducing hair growth and reducing hair breakage, it is important to note that it is all about making the most of the free gifts of nature. The best part of natural remedies is that they can be used on any hair type, by any gender, and by people of all ages. Some essential tips to keep in mind for effective hair growth include;

Eat a balanced diet 

A diet rich in all the classes of food, especially protein, vitamins and minerals will aid hair growth quicker than any other external thing. A balanced diet rich in meals like chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, whole grains, cabbage, broccoli, carrot, best, grapefruit and others will play a great role in facilitating healthy hair growth. These super foods should be consumed as freshly as possible. They all contain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which aids hair growth and reduces breakage. Eating clean automatically prevents nutritional deficiencies. So, freshly prepared foods under hygienic conditions should be eaten frequently. 

Trim your ends regularly

The hair should be trimmed on a regular basis to maintain growth. Many people find this counter-intuitive but it is absolutely true. Constant and regular trimming will resolve split ends that can eventually break your hair and give it an unhealthy appearance. Getting consistent hair trims will also protect you from those ugly split ends before they start. Split ends travel way up the hair shaft and cause tangles and breakage of healthy parts of the hair so in the end you are doing yourself a disservice holding on to them. Regular trimming will leave your hair looking healthy at all times. Professionals advise that the hair should be ideally trimmed every 12-16 weeks.

Massage your scalp frequently

Scalp massage allows blood circulation which eventually stimulates the hair follicles. Frequently massaging the hair by running fingers in a circular motion for three to ten minutes can help stimulate hair growth. A natural oil or conditioner could be used while massaging. Our hair massage oil is a fantastic scalp massage oil as it contains only pure, natural and organic unrefined oils. The scalp is the root that facilitates hair growth so it should be treated and massaged regularly with healthy ingredients in order to achieve strong and beautiful hair. To know healthy hair from an unhealthy one, check the root. The roots of healthy hair is as thick as the mid shaft and the ends of the hair. But if hair is unhealthy, the root will be as thin as the ends of the hair. Changing your hair regimen can effectively fix this problem.

Reduce the use of heat tools

Flat irons, curlers and hair driers are the greatest culprits that frequently lead to hair damage. These tools make the hair weak overtime thereby making it not strong enough to withstand styling and even simple forms of manipulation. This does not allow for fast and healthy hair growth. If you are looking to grow your hair, usage of these tools should be put to a complete stop. It is important not to over style your hair with them especially using very high temperatures. If you must use heat, it should be very mild. If not, your hair is at the risk of being damaged. An alternative is to air dry the hair after it has been wrapped and mildly squeezed dry using a soft cloth.

Avoid daily shampooing

To maintain healthy hair, frequent and excessive shampooing should be avoided like a plague. Contrary to popular opinions, frequent shampooing does more harm than good. Rather than shampooing, rinsing the hair with water or using a conditioner is better than shampooing it very frequently. Due to pollution, heat and other environmental factors, daily shampooing increases the risk of severe hair damage due to dryness. Also, when the hair is shampooed daily, the natural oils that play a vital role in hair protection will be lost. A better alternative is to shampoo the hair two to three times a week. This leaves the hair clean and healthy with its natural oils unstriped. The natural oils present in the hair penetrate the follicles and gives it the ability to naturally hydrate and repair itself so its important to sure that it is not totally striped away all the time.

Reduce stress 

One of the most effective ways to aid natural hair growth is to reduce stress. Stress contributes a whole lot to hair loss and it can disrupt the normal hair growth cycle because when the body is stressed, hair begins to fall out. Stress must be managed adequately using simple remedies like breathing exercises, sleep, yoga and other options. Be sure to get the required amount of sleep hours on a regular basis. Also, drink about ten to eleven glasses of water on a daily basis. It keeps the body hydrated, hereby fostering hair growth hormones.

Use natural and chemical free products

Practicing the steps outlined above should be topped off by using only pure and natural products. Even after taking good care of what you eat, chemical laden products can do a world of damage to the hair within a very short period of time. Some products have been known to cause Alopecia and permanent scalp damage. A simple and effective hair regimen consists of natural and organic hair care products as well as low manipulation hairstyles. We highly recommend our natural hair regimen pack, it contains all you need for a healthy regimen: Effective ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

Finally, there are no shortcuts to growing long and full hair. As a matter of fact, healthy hair grows on average, about half an inch per month. A combination of general health, genetic factors and lifestyle greatly affect the rate at which the hair grows. However, turning to nature and pure products definitely provides the best solution to effective hair growth.

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