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Oslove 2020 Holiday Series: Secret to non-grainy whipped butters

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Butters can become grainy for many reasons, from partially being melted to not being whipped properly, there are simple measures that you can take to ensure your whipped butter is smooth, rich and creamy. In this video, you will find the detailed advice that every DIYer should know. Full recipe is also shown. Let us know if you make this as gifts to friends. If you don’t want your butter to become dense when it settles, incorporate more oils and Tamanu butter to this recipe.

Ingredients used

– 260.25 g | Shea Butter

– 159.04 g | Tamanu Butter

– 48.19 g | Organic Face & Body Oils

– 4.82 g | Arrowroot Powder

– 4.82 g | Vitamin E oil

– 4.82 g | Fragrance oil/Essential oil of choice

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