Oslove Holiday Series Finale: DIY Aromatherapy

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed our holiday series. We know many of you got great tips on holiday gifts for family and friends. To round up the series, we are showing you in this video simple tips on how to make your own candles at home.

Avoid inhaling toxic fumes in the comfort of your own home by making your own sweet smelling candles yourself. Just follow the simple steps in this video and add essential oils for a pure and natural fragrance all over your home or office.

Thanks so much for your support in 2018. We wish you all an incredible 2019.

Oslove Holiday Series 6: How to make your own aluminum free deodorant

If you are closely watching what you consume as far as beauty and personal care products is concerned, chances are  you will be highly interested in learning how to make your own deodorant. This is because most of the deodorants sold in the market today contain aluminum as the key ingredient. Although they have not found any link between aluminum and breast cancer, it is better not to wait till they do. Aluminum is not a natural product and may accumulate in the body (please note that we are not medical practitioners).

There are various ways to make your own pure and natural deodorants at home. You can choose to use a simple combination of non comedogenic butters mixed with moisture absorbing ingredients like arrow root powder or baking soda and you are all set. Butters that work great in making deodorants include illipe butter, kokum butter and in general, butters that have a relatively high melting point. For extra stiffness, you can add beeswax or candelilla wax. Candelilla or Carnauba wax is used for vegan formulations. See the DIY ingredients section of our website for all you need.

You can decide to add essential oils like tea tree oil or peppermint oil. These two oils are anti bacterial and will ensure you smell fresh all day long.

Watch the video for more ideas on how to take complete control of one of the most important part of your skin care routine.

Grow with me series: The two product challenge

So this month I have been experimenting a little bit. The holidays as you all know is a very busy time of the year and although it is the most wonderful time of the year, it is common to find yourself lost in all the preparations.

For me personally, running a business and the demands of daily life with two active great boys is an added bonus. I have no complaints but I am definitely a great believer in simplifying things as much as possible. While I cannot predict my youngest son’s tantrums, I can most certainly predict when my hair will be needing to be re-moisturized, washed or deep conditioned.

To make life a little easier and to leave me with more time to enjoy with my husband and kids, I have decided to find the best two products that will nurture my thick hair daily. I started this series to share my hair re-growth journey with all my wonderful customers and I cannot believe that I cut off my whole hair in July because it is already grown so much.

I discovered that my hair thrives on two of our amazing hair products alone. This was an amazing discovery for me because while I like to use only pure and natural hair products, I feel like I don’t even have enough time to use them all. This led me to experiment with our hair line of products and to see which ones I can use alone and with the best results.

I have decided to tell myself the truth. I am not big on hair styling. I love the term wash and go or “moisturize and fly” like I have made up myself. These two products work incredibly well together and I am pleasantly surprised because I have now successfully reclaimed some hours of my life back. The two products are the banana leave in conditioner and hair growth oil. I have found that these two products are all I need for my hair at least at the current length I have.

What I do is simply cleanse my hair with the aloe and green tea conditioning cleanse every two days. After drying my hair with a hair towel, I spray the leave in conditioner and follow up with the hair growth oil. this leaves my hair shiny and I have noticed less shedding. This is an incredible discovery for me. Less can definitely be more, particularly when you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

As a professional researcher, I have been trying to investigate the reason why these two products adequately keep my hair soft and moisturized. My hair is thick and has a high porosity but yet these two products which I use daily is enough to keep it soft and silky. I discovered the answer. The hair oils penetrate the hair shaft sufficiently and lock in the moisture from the banana leave in conditioner. The oils are light but very effective for coating the hair and preventing moisture loss. I have also found that I don’t need to wash my hair too often because there is no build up. The two products are organic and pure so that makes things much better for your hair.

I hope I have given you some simple tips on how you can manage and promote a healthy hair growth. If you are following this series (sent an email to confirm your participation), you will be getting an email to confirm your shipping address for your free hair products. This is a free holiday gift from me to you. It is not too late to participate, simply follow the instructions in the first grow with me series blog. You may not get the free gift this year but will definitely be added for next freebies going out. Happy holidays everyone!

Oslove Holiday Series 5: Whipped Tamanu and Murumuru Cream

The holidays is in full swing and we are now at series five of the Oslove holiday gift idea series. We are so happy with the feedback we have been getting from you and how you are using our products to create amazing gifts for your family and friends.

We hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family. In this video, we will like to show you how to achieve a very soft creamy butter. If you prefer a softer texture, simply reduce the quantity of hard butters you use in the mix. You can also refer to various posts on our blog that show you how to achieve a lotion like texture and feel. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more.

Fabulous gift ideas for the holidays

So the holidays is here and it’s time when we get to spend a lot of money on our loved ones. While it is very easy to just head to the stores to purchase ready made gifts, it is worth the effort when you really take some time to prepare your gift giving experience. I personally like to give gifts that will improve the lives of my family and friends. For example, does anyone of my friends or anyone in my family have skin problems. Dryness and tightness of the skin, skin irritations, acne, breakouts and more? If so I put in some effort in creating a personalized gift for them and this usually goes highly appreciated.

Every gift should be appreciated but I find that people tend to appreciate handmade gifts a lot more because they understand that a lot of thought has gone into it. This holidays we have a ton of gift ideas that we have been sharing with you in our holiday series the started in the month of October. The ideas we have been sharing with you are very exciting to actually put in practice, and makes for a satisfactory gift giving process. You enjoy making the gifts while the gift recipient enjoys receiving the gift, a win-win for everyone.

Recently, a close friend shared some skin problems she is dealing with and gave me an awesome idea for her gift this year. My favorite gift to give is body butters, face creams, lip balms and body lotions. I make sure to personalize the label so that the recipient feels even more special.

What is your favorite handmade gift to give? Let us know in the comment section below. Please follow our holiday series for tons of exciting gift ideas. We have customized gift packages that you can order for your friends and family. We can make selected butters for you to give as party favors and holiday gifts. Customized gifts.

How to select the right butters for your DIY projects

So we know you are all super excited about the upcoming holidays and are ready to start making gifts. We always get requests about recipes and how to get the right product texture for DIY products. In this video, we are showing an up close look at the natural butters we carry and how you can use them to make body butters and more skin care products at home. It is important to know which butters work best for the different personal care products you’ll like to make.

Hard butters like Illipe, Kokum and Cocoa will give your product a stiff texture so they are highly suitable for lotion bars, soaps, thick body butters and deodorants. Medium textured butters like Sal, Mango, Cupuacu and Shea butter will make your products fluffy and airy. The softest butters we carry are Murumuru and Tamanu butter. They make soft body butters and lotions.

You can also learn how to mix the different textures of butters to achieve your ultimate goal. Stay tuned for more tips on making amazing products.

Oslove Holiday Series 4: How to make an exfoliating face and body soap.

The holidays is drawing closer and closer everyday. We are so happy about the feedback we have been receiving from you our lovely customers about the ‘holiday series’ (Videos giving you ideas on what to make with our products this holidays). We are happy you find it useful for getting fantastic DIY ideas on what to make this holidays.

Soaps are a staple in every bathroom and there is a world of options out there for face and body soaps. Most soaps are extremely drying to the skin. Making your own soap is pretty easy. If you don’t want to work with lye, you can simply get a melt and pour soap base and add skin nourishing ingredients to the melted soap. We have you covered with a world of pure and natural ingredients.

Our pure jojoba beads will upgrade your soap to a very high level, providing both moisturizing and exfoliation benefits. Not to mention the unique benefits of jojoba oil. Our butters also work wonders in soap bases. this video by our Ayana will give you the confidence you need to make your own soap in the comfort of your own home. Let us know if you have any questions. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more DIY ideas. Also watch out for an exciting giveaway coming up soon.

We are taking pre-orders for our Christmas Gift Basket

This awesome Christmas gift basket contains a mix of our ready to use skin and hair care products. Give this as a gift to family, colleagues and friends. There is something for everyone in this basket. Men, women and kids will find something they’ll love.

Because of high demand, we need to have a list of customers that want to order a basket. If you are interested in a basket, all you need to do is fill in your details below (Please enter your phone number) so we can contact you to take payment before the basket is shipped out. Let us know if you have any ‘special wish’ you want in your basket (Add this information in the message section).

We are able to fulfill one wish in addition to the items listed as contents of the basket. Please note that this can only be a one unit item.

Items in the basket

  • 1 Liquid Castile soap (made with organic oils)
  • 1 Pumpkin seed body butter or any 8oz body butter
  • 1 Banana leave in hair conditioner
  • 1 Aloe and green tea conditioning cleanse
  • 1 Organic face and body oil
  • 1 Safflower seed curl defining creme
  • 2 Acai head to toe creme (works great for face and hair)
  • 1 Extra virgin organic coconut oil
  • 1 2 oz face and body butter
  • 1 Organic peppermint face toner
  • 1 Organic Neem and turmeric face scrub
  • 1 handmade goat milk soap (grapefruit)

Price including shipping: $199