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Our Founder

Our Founder

Pamela Jacobs, PhD founded Oslove Organics Inc. to reach out to individuals seeking access to pure and natural personal care products. Driven by the desire to help improve lives, Pamela delved deeper into the benefits of using organic products. Having spent a significant part of her adult life in Norway and many other parts of Europe, she further observed the important benefits of organic products. She then applied her learning by carefully selecting each item included in our lineup.

Naturally Beautiful Beginnings

Pamela was exposed early on to the many advantages of using organic products. She grew up in the company of her grandmother, who used only natural, organic ingredients in her skin, hair and food. Inspired by her grandmother’s healthy, natural-product-based practices, Pamela established Oslove Organics Inc. Today, aside from being an entrepreneur, Pamela is a devoted wife and mother of two. she currently lives in Massachusetts, USA.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to improve the lives of our customers by providing access to a special selection of natural and organic products. Made of the finest ingredients sourced from exotic locations all over the world, our offerings provide natural solutions that work. Because we always have our clients’ interest at heart, you can be certain that you will receive only the best. Our sincere desire to satisfy your needs has inspired our company vision. It motivates us to give our best in helping you become healthier and more beautiful from the inside out, and vice versa.

Our dedication and attention to detail proves our genuine concern for our clients. We seek to develop a lifelong relationship with each customer. Thus, we also provide informative resources to educate you about the benefits of going organic and natural.

Pamela Jacobs, PhD (Founder)